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Dave Bautista and Dana Brooke heading out on a date: WWE SmackDown turns it into an angle

Dave Bautista and Dana Brooke heading out on a date: WWE SmackDown turns it into an angle
Dana Brooke and Bautista are going on a date. Pic credit: WWE

In one of the craziest moments on social media during the last week, Dana Brooke and Dave Bautista started flirting on Twitter. This all ended up as a real date between the former WWE champion and current WWE female superstar.

Tonight on WWE SmackDown Live, the series used that moment as part of a storyline and angle.

The entire situation started when Dana Brooke and Mojo Rawley were appearing together on WWE Ride Along, a show on WWE Network that has people sharing a rental car as they hit the road for a show.

The two WWE superstars decided to make a bet and see who could use their pickup lines to get dates. No one would give Dana Brooke the time of day, no matter what line she tried.

This led to a moment on Twitter with Dave Bautista, who wrestled as Batista in WWE before he went to Hollywood to appear in Guardians of the Galaxy, Skyfall, and more.

It started with Bautista saying he was single again on Twitter and then Dana Brooke reminded Bautista about something they talked about.

After that, Bautista started to hit on her directly.

This finally led to the date becoming official.

So, that is happening.

WWE had to use this on television, even if Bautista is not with the company anymore.

Last week, Drake Maverick (who is not only married but has used his wife as part of his on-screen character) hit on Dana Brooke. He failed.

This week, Drake Maverick asked her what Bautista has that he doesn’t. This brought out Elias and his guitar to sing a song about Maverick only getting any with videos and lotion.

Elias then said that Drake’s wife woke up next to him that morning. This caused Maverick to go to the ring and challenge Elias to stand up for his wife only to get beaten up and Dana Brooke pinned him.

WWE SmackDown airs on Fridays at 8/7c.

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