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Daniel Bryan wardrobe malfunction: WWE star exposed during Elimination Chamber match

daniel bryan at elimination chamber 2020
Daniel Bryan suffered a wardrobe malfunction during his Elimination Chamber match. Pic credit: WWE

At WWE’s Elimination Chamber, a Daniel Bryan wardrobe malfunction occurred due to a few mishaps with the former champion’s trunks.

Those particular moments were just part of the few embarrassing spots in an otherwise entertaining and well-done matchup against Drew Gulak. Social media users on Twitter noticed the issues and promptly tweeted about Bryan getting exposed, literally.

Twitter reacts to Daniel Bryan wardrobe malfunction in match

In a matchup set up on last Friday’s WWE SmackDown episode, Bryan battled Drew Gulak, an opponent who said he knew all of Bryan’s weaknesses in the ring.

However, one thing neither competitor planned on was the inability of Bryan’s trunks to contain his testicles.

During several moments in the match, Bryan’s trunks exposed him to those in attendance and fans who were watching the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view on WWE Network.

As one would expect, that became viral based on the rare sight. Some tweeted about the trauma they experienced, while others said their wives or significant others became bigger wrestling fans.

Some fans even tweeted an NSFW photo or two showing the wardrobe malfunction.

“Daniel Bryan was out there putting on a classic with his [Peanuts emoji] out and all! Talk about a legend!” a Twitter user commented with a photo of the mishap.

“Ballsy performance by Daniel Bryan? #WWEChamber,” another tweet said which included two different photos.

Another Twitter user brought up the notion that the wardrobe issues overshadowed Drew Gulak getting some time under the spotlight in a fantastic match against Bryan.

Bryan, Gulak put on great opening match at Chamber PPV

The Daniel Bryan wardrobe malfunction occurred during the first match on the WWE Elimination Chamber card. Despite the issues with Bryan’s trunks, many people were noticing how good the match looked and applauded Bryan and Gulak’s work.

Some Twitter users were mostly concerned with some of the punishment Bryan took by landing on his head and neck on the mat. That’s due to the previous injury situation Daniel Bryan had that caused him to “retire” from WWE. Now that he’s back, fans are hoping he’s taking precautions not to overdo it.

Others talked up how Bryan helped Gulak gain some more attention for his wrestling status.

In a match that went 14 minutes, Daniel Bryan claimed the victory in the Elimination Chamber results.

The finish saw Bryan roll through a Gulak Dragon Sleeper and put on the Yes Lock. After elbows to Drew’s head, eventually, Gulak passed out as Bryan kept the submission hold locked on him.

Once Gulak had recovered and Bryan was celebrating his win, he even gave a nod out of respect to his opponent’s ability to give him a good fight.

While Dave Meltzer has yet to give his star rating, PW Torch Editor Wade Keller awarded the opening match 3.5 stars out of five based on how well it was done.

Following Bryan’s win, he also gave a backstage interview regarding his opponent, suggesting that maybe he could use Gulak’s help.

That means fans will probably see these two in the ring again. Many are hoping that if they see Bryan exposed, it’s more so by his opponent exposing a weakness to get a big career win.

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