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Corey Graves and Carmella cheating allegations: Everything we know about the claims against the WWE superstars

Corey Graves and Carmella
Corey Graves and Carmella cheating scandal. Pic credit: WWE

WWE superstars Corey Graves and Carmella found themselves embroiled in a cheating scandal thanks to accusations by Graves’ wife.

This all started when Graves wife Amy Polinsky took to Instagram and cut loose on her husband. Polinsky said that she was disappointed that someone she put so much effort into helping support his dream would do this to her — especially since she said Carmella is one of her daughter’s role models.

Polinsky also made allegations that she supported him through cases of “alcoholism” and “suicide attempts.”

Corey Graves response was strange. He responded to the post and told her to take it down or “WWE is gonna sue you.” It seemed strange that a person’s employer would sue a wife making cheating allegations against her husband, but it seemed to work.

Polinsky deleted it, but here is a look at the original post.

While Graves responded to the story with the threat of a lawsuit, it is interesting to see that he never actually came out and denied any of the claims.

Graves and Polinsky are going through a separation. They have three children together.

It will be interesting to see if Corey Graves will call the women’s Elimination Chamber match tonight since it involves Carmella. While he is sure to be smart about his comments, there are always the rowdy fans to take into consideration.

They have already hit at him on Twitter.

What is even crazier was when Enzo Amore — someone who worked closely with Carmella — came out and joined in on the fun.

Even more interesting was this tweet from Amore two hours before the news broke.

While some fans called on Corey Graves to be fired, that is unlikely to happen since this is not the first time — or will it be the last — that a WWE superstar was accused of cheating on a spouse. Seth Rollins was accused of cheating on his fiance with an NXT superstar a few years back and was pushed to the moon.

In our recent interview with Kevin Nash, he said that he learned early on not to bring a wife into the business because they will see what other wrestlers are doing and wonder if you are doing it too, even if you are one of the good guys.

With all that said, this is still just a he said/she said situation and there is no word on whether Corey Graves and Carmella actually did have a relationship behind Polinsky’s back.

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