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CM Punk to appear at Starrcast III before AEW All Out

CM Punk to appear at Starrcast III before AEW All Out
CM Punk will appear at Starrcast III. Pic credit: WWE

Let the rumors and speculation begin. CM Punk has signed on to appear at Starrcast III, which takes place the night before the next AEW PPV, All Out, in Chicago.

This is huge for Starrcast since a number of people pulled out of the last event right before it took place, including Undertaker, and Booker T has already pulled out of this one.

However, CM Punk will be a huge draw for the show and will also cause AEW fans to believe that he could even show up at AEW All Out that night, although that likely won’t happen.

Starrcast announced CM Punk was coming and then CM Punk shared the tweet on his own account.

According to Sports Illustrated, CM Punk will have both a one-on-one interview at the event in front of fans and then will do meet-and-greets with the fans as well. This will take place on August 31.

AEW All Out then takes place later that night.

CM Punk has long said that he will not be returning to wrestling but that interactions with fans is something that he loves to do.

“A highlight is easily anytime anyone has a story,” Punk said. “I do about one signing a year and the best part is always finding out how you’ve touched people’s lives in a meaningful way. A lot of it can be heavy; helped someone get clean, helped somehow with the loss of a loved one. I am always touched to know the private intimate stories people have.”

According to Conrad Thompson, the man who puts the Starrcast events together, the appearance is something he wanted since the first Starrcast. He said the timing was never right but this time, the “stars have aligned” and the fact it happens in CM Punk’s hometown of Chicago makes it even better.

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