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CM Punk lawsuit: Colt Cabana sues CM Punk after former friend refuses help with attorney’s fees from WWE lawsuit

CM Punk lawsuit: Colt Cabana sues CM Punk after former friend refuses help with attorney's fees from WWE lawsuit
Colt Cabana has sued CM Punk. Credit: WWE

Colt Cabana has sued CM Punk for breach of contract after the former WWE star promised to cover legal fees built up following a lawsuit against the two by WWE doctor Chris Amann.

Cabana is suing Punk for $1.2 million.

The lawsuit states that CM Punk said he would pay for the legal fees that Colt Cabana accrued when they were sued for defamation of character after they discussed Punk’s lack of proper medical care while employed in the WWE.

The original lawsuit was filed by WWE doctor Chris Amann, who claimed that the comments made on Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast hurt his future in the medical industry.

According to the Colt Cabana lawsuit, the Ring of Honor superstar is seeking $1.2 million from his former best friend CM Punk. Cabana states that Punk promised to cover the legal fees 100-percent.

While both men worked at one time for the WWE, CM Punk became very rich due to his status as a top-tier superstar while Colt Cabana was on a minimum payment deal and ended up back in the indies in a short time.

The two were close friends from Chicago before either man ever stepped foot into the WWE. However, there are rumors that CM Punk cut off communication with Colt Cabana after photos surfaced during the Chris Amann trial that showed Cabana backstage at a WWE event.

According to Bleacher Report, Cabana built up $513,736 in legal fees. Cabana has text messages with Punk promising to pay the entire amount but Cabana said that Punk told him to pay half the legal fees and said: “you are on your own.”

Colt Cabana included an email he received from CM Punk:

“Whatever my bill is currently will be cut in half and half will be yours,” Punk reportedly stated. “If you choose to make this ugly, that’s fine too. I hope you won’t but I gave up on you doing what is right a long time ago.”

The CM Punk lawsuit is for both allegations of fraud and breach of contract. Cabana is also seeking $200,000 in general damages and $1 million in punitive and exemplary damages.

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