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CM Punk cuts in-ring promo, takes shot at Undertaker, Booker T

CM Punk cuts in-ring promo, takes shot at Undertaker, Booker T
CM Punk was back in a wrestling ring cutting another promo this week. Pic credit: WWE

CM Punk will be at Starrcast this weekend and will take part in an autograph signing and a question and answer session with the fans.

As a matter of fact, his question and answer session is so in demand that the entire event will be on PPV aside from the rest of Starrcast weekend. Just to hear CM Punk, fans can pay $14.99 on traditional outlets like DirecTV and InDemand.

With CM Punk: Best in the World Live scheduled as a 90-minute show, Punk and Starrcast decided to release a promo that included CM Punk in a wrestling ring cutting a promo.

Punk started off sitting in the corner, but then mentioned that was Raven’s thing. He then sat cross-legged as he did during his Pipe Bomb promo, but said everyone does that now (like Aleister Black).

After some jokes, he started in saying that when he appears at Starrcast, he will have a live microphone and not follow a script or storyline. He said he will hang out with fans and maybe cause some trouble because that is what he does with a live microphone.

Then, CM Punk dropped a bomb that was nothing more than a slam at people like Undertaker and Booker T.

“I’m sorry to inform you all that I have to cancel my upcoming appearance at Starrcast. That’s what everybody does, right? Everybody cancels. Well I’m not f**king canceling because I don’t cancel, because I do what I want. Nobody can tell me where to go, who to work for, who to sign autographs for, whether I have to smile to take pictures or not. I will smile because I am actually going to be happy to see you, but I’m not going to cancel unlike everybody else who’s ever done Starrcast. I will be there and I’ll see you Saturday.”

Wrestlers like Undertaker and Kurt Angle pulled out, reportedly due to pressure from WWE. Booker T also pulled out with the explanation that he didn’t know it was Starrcast and didn’t want to be in the middle of the WWE vs. AEW war.

CM Punk’s live special at Starrcast is scheduled for Saturday, August 31 at 12:00 pm CST.

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