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Christopher Daniels offers his opinion of Arrow actor Stephen Amell’s All In performance

Christopher Daniels offers his opinion of Arrow actor Stephen Amell’s All In performance
Christopher Daniels shares his feelings on Stephen Arnell’s performance at All In — Pic credit: Johnny Bradford – Ring of Honor Wrestling

One of the matches that had a chance to flop hard at this weekend’s All In pay-per-view event was the one featuring a celebrity.

Luckily, Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks chose to match Rhodes’ close friend Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen on Arrow) up against Christopher Daniels – one of the best wrestlers in the business.

Daniels helped Amell prepare for his singles match debut (he had wrestled tag matches in both the WWE and Ring of Honor). However, Amell deserves all the credit in the world for the performance he turned in – something Daniels has made sure to mention.

Daniels took to Twitter and publicly praised Amell for the amazing performance he put in at All In.

In the tweets, Daniels said that Amell was working 12 to 16 hours at a time in filming the next season of Arrow and then spent all his spare hours studying tape and preparing to wrestle at All In.

He said that this was not the same Stephen Amell that worked as a tag team partner with Neville in the WWE. Daniels then went on to pay Amell the highest of compliments by saying that Amell was more focused and determined that men who have 20 times the experience in the professional wrestling ring.

He finished by saying he gives his eternal respect to Stephen Amell and said that he is proud to have walked the aisle with the actor.

Christopher Daniels and Stephen Amell used social media and YouTube to further their feud leading into the match, with Daniels mocking Amell wanting to wrestle and Amell promising to retire Daniels.

By the time the match started, both men turned in a great performance. Among his moves, Amell tried to drop an elbow through a table, crashing through it himself. He also flew all the way across the ring with a Van Terminator into Daniels at one point – something that very few wrestlers have ever pulled off right.

By the end, Christopher Daniels shocked the crowd by winning. Yes, Daniels should have won since he is the veteran but usually celebs win their matches. In this case, Amell is a huge professional wrestling fan, so it is not a surprise that he chose to put over the actual wrestler at All In.

In doing so, he earned Christopher Daniels respect.