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Chris Jericho hints at AEW wrestling TV deal

Chris Jericho hints at AEW wrestling TV deal
Chris Jericho at the AEW wrestling rally on Tuesday. Pic credit: Being the Elite

Chris Jericho shocked the professional wrestling world when he signed with All Elite Wrestling (AEW), officially leaving the WWE behind.

Jericho appeared on Broken Open Radio for an interview about his decision, which turned out to be a three-year deal with AEW.

Chris Jericho says there will be an AEW TV deal

The biggest question that most professional wrestling fans had was whether or not there would be a TV deal in place for AEW wrestling.

Jericho laid those concerns to rest in his interview.

In the interview, Jericho said that he would not have signed his deal with All Elite Wrestling if there was not a TV deal on the table.

“As far as TV goes, I mean that’s one of the things, I wouldn’t have gone to all Elite if there wasn’t a strong TV deal on the table,” Jericho said. “There’s a couple that I know that are on the table that are like, ‘Wow, that’s what they need.’”

This also matches up with what Shad Khan hinted at in the AEW wrestling rally on Tuesday. Dave Meltzer also reported that there are multiple offers by television networks based on the success of the All In wrestling event last year.

Jericho did say that the official television deal is no “set in stone” but there are three that are in discussions with All Elite Wrestling and they will prove that the company is “the real deal.”

The Chris Jericho AEW contract is not exclusive and he can still do his cruise and possibly work some New Japan matches as well. Cody Rhodes said that it was easy to give those concessions to someone like Jericho.

Jericho called it the “best contract of his career.

AEW wrestling changing things

One big thing that Cody Rhodes and the Khan family want to do is legitimize AEW wrestling by offering health insurance to their wrestlers.

SE Scoops reported that Rhodes wants to make all the wrestlers employees rather than independent contractors and offer them stability and insurance in case something goes wrong in the ring or in their lives.

One thing that we’ve always wanted to do is, if we started a wrestling organization, we wanted to take care of the guys,” Matt Jackson said. “So, that’s one thing we’re working on.”

Whether or not the WWE is worried is another story. With Vince McMahon putting millions into his new version of the XFL, the WWE might not have the money to match any big deals that AEW offers wrestlers.

Shad Khan is worth $6.4 billion compared with McMahon’s $2.9 billion, so there is money there to spend.

Khan is a self-made billionaire who came to America with $500 and built an empire. He said that he will treat AEW like all his other ventures — and that is good news for wrestling fans.

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