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Chris Jericho explains what AEW TV shows will look like, talks CM Punk

Chris Jericho explains what AEW TV shows will look like, talks CM Punk
Chris Jericho talks AEW TV show and CM Punk. Pic credit: AEW

AEW has one more major PPV event on August 31 before they start their new weekly television show on TNT in October. Chris Jericho spoke to Collider Live about the upcoming show and what it would look like.

In the interview, Chris Jericho said what everyone else in AEW has said all along. They are not looking to “compete” with WWE on television.

As everyone in the company has said, they want to be an alternative and believe that the world of wrestling is better if both WWE and AEW succeed.

With that said, Jericho said that it is important not to try to do what WWE is doing. When it comes to the weekly television show, Jericho said that they won’t try to fill up a stadium that holds 15,000 people.

While the first three events did well and All In could have sold 100,000 tickets if there were that many available, they know weekly TV shows won’t do that.

Instead, Jericho said that they will book smaller venues that hold about 5,000 people and pack those out. From there, AEW can “grow accordingly.”

“Pack it out, sell it out,” Jericho said. “Make it look good, cause if you start trying to go head to head with them (WWE) in those venues it’s not going to look great on TV.”

He also touched on the fans who want CM Punk in AEW and Jericho said that they don’t need him.

“Do we need him no. Would it be a huge pop to get him? Yes,” Jerich said. “I don’t know man. I don’t know what his attitude or mindset is. I think our roster is jam-packed right now. We’re not looking to headhunt the WWE, we never were.”

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