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Chris Jericho explains how WWE and AEW are different in terms of creativity

Chris Jericho explains how WWE and AEW are different in terms of creativity
Chris Jericho cut an unscripted promo at AEW Fight for the Fallen. Pic credit: AEW

Last night, AEW held their third event with Fight for the Fallen, a free show on B/R Live that raised $150,000 for victims of gun violence in Jacksonville. Chris Jericho showed up and cut an unscripted promo.

In that promo, Jericho talked about his AEW All Out opponent Hangman Adam Page and how he knows how great Page is and knows that he has to beat him or it could be the beginning of the end of Chris Jericho.

It was a solid promo and one that Jericho said he altered before he came out to cut it based on the fact he busted open Adam Page’s eye earlier in Fight for the Fallen, something that was not on purpose but played well in their storyline.

“When Hangman got busted open that changed the entire design of the promo and it was very liberating,” Jericho said. “‘How good are you, Chris Jericho? Can you go out there live without a net, with no pre-prepared, memorized script, and captivate an audience?’ And I think it worked out very well. And of course I can do it, but we’d never, ever get that chance to do that in WWE.”

Jericho said that he spoke to Dean Malenko, an AEW producer that he worked with both in WCW and WWE, and said this was the first time in 20 years he went out without a script or approval ahead of time to cut his promo.

Jericho is not saying he never had creative freedom in WWE, just that he had to run by his promos with management ahead of time on those rare occasions that he was not handed a script to memorize.

Jericho did say that he was not bashing WWE but that it was just how it was in the company.

“If you work in a factory and the factory says you have to put this box in this conveyer belt every day and that’s how you make your money, then you do it,” Jericho said. “If you don’t like it you go somewhere else.”

When it comes to WWE and AEW, Jericho said WWE is very confining when it comes to the creativity and if a wrestler wants creative freedom, AEW is where they will find it.

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