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Chris Jericho describes what it is like to work with Vince McMahon in WWE

Chris Jericho faces off with Kenny Omega at AEW Double or Nothing.
Chris Jericho explains what it was like to work with Vince McMahon ahead of AEW Double or Nothing. Pic credit: AEW

While people might expect AEW superstar Chris Jericho to do nothing but rip WWE as his new promotion prepares for their first event this weekend, that isn’t really happening.

Jericho spoke to Busted Open Radio recently and talked about what it is like to work for Vince McMahon.

According to Jericho, McMahon is a “great guy but he’s also a boss.”

When describing what that meant, he said that McMahon respects guys who have the rebellion spirit that he has — because Vince considers himself a rebel. However, Jericho also said that he will come down on someone who does something wrong.

“If you do something he doesn’t like, he’s going to tell you and you’re going to have to pay the price,” Jericho said.

However, Jericho also said that McMahon is fair.

He pointed out an event where he was in the ring cutting a heel promo and someone threw something at him. Jericho said he was mad and told people to throw more so a ton of DX glowsticks were thrown at him in the ring.

When Jericho finished that night, he learned that Stephanie McMahon was angry and wanted Jericho fined and suspended, which triggered Jericho.

“Well, Stephanie’s not my boss,” Jericho said. “I don’t give a sh*t what Stephanie wants — you can tell her that.”

Jericho said he then called Vince McMahon and left a voice message that was basically him cutting a promo about doing his job, getting heel heat and said if they want to suspend him to bring it on.

“Vince just texted me back with a little smiley face saying ‘calm down junior’,” Jericho said. “So the next day, at the Garden, he didn’t even mention it…he said ‘There’s no problem.’”

At the end, Chris Jericho said that he and Vince McMahon are a lot alike because neither of them will stand there when someone is trying to tell them what to do when they know they are right.

“That pisses people off but it also gets results,” Jericho said. “I didn’t have a problem standing up for what I knew was right. And I also did know how to back off.”

AEW Double or Nothing takes place on Saturday, May 25, at 7/6c on PPV.

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