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Chris Jericho claims WWE banned him after he signed with AEW

Chris Jericho claims WWE banned him after he signed with AEW
Chris Jericho says he was banned from WWE. Pic credit: WWE

Chris Jericho signed what he calls the biggest contract of his career to join the upstart AEW Wrestling. However, one side effect from this choice was that he now says he has been banned from WWE.

Jericho has one of the most popular podcasts of any professional wrestler in the industry and often used this platform to help promote WWE superstars.

With WrestleMania 35 coming up fast, Jericho reached out to WWE to inquire about having some superstars on his podcast to help them promote their upcoming WrestleMania matches.

WWE declined his request.

“I asked the other day if I could have a couple of their guys on my podcast to promote Mania and I was told, ‘No, it’s not appropriate because you’re in AEW,’” Jericho told Jim Norton and Sam Roberts on their SiriusXM show. “I am banned from WWE.”

However, it turns out it is worse than just blocking him from interviewing superstars. WWE has started to edit out Chris Jericho from their product.

Chris Jericho went on to say that his stuff is still on the WWE Network and he has not been “disgraced” but he did hear they chose to remove some of the UpUpDownDown videos from Xavier Woods’ channel that had Jericho playing. He said they also edited him out of some of the Edge & Christian Show episodes.

It seems strange since Jericho said that Vince McMahon said he had no problem with him doing what was best for him.

However, it seems that Jericho being part of the competition, even if WWE does not consider them competition, makes him persona-non-grata in the company.

Chris Jericho will main event AEW Double or Nothing on May 25 in Las Vegas.

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