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Chris Amann WWE job in danger: Doctor accused of violating ethics code

Chris Amann bio
Chris Amann, far right, and the WWE medical team. Pic credit: Chris Amann/Twitter

Just one week after Dr. Chris Amann lost the court case concerning his lawsuit against CM Punk, more bad news might be coming for the WWE ringside physician.

Deadspin came out with a shocking report last Thursday that indicated that Amann had a romantic relationship with former WWE superstar Jillian Hall. This was revealed in the court case and could cost Amann his job.

Amann tried to have a number of items blocked from coming up in the trial, and some of them were accepted and sealed so the public couldn’t learn about them. However, Deadspin reported that one of them was not sealed.

That was the third motion and concerned a romantic relationship he had with Jillian Hall as well as an indie wrestler that he met at a WWE try-out event. The problem is that he was allegedly in the relationship with Hall while she was working for the WWE and that is a breach of medical ethics.

This is very interesting because Chris Amann accused CM Punk and Colt Cabana of hurting his reputation as a doctor by accusing him on a podcast of not taking proper medical care of Punk while he was in the WWE. These new allegations — which came to light because of the lawsuit — could hurt Amann worse.

Amann is under WWE contract until October 2018, and that might be it for the doctor in the company. Deadspin reached out to the WWE with the news released through the court documents, and the company seemed surprised.

“We were not aware of this. We are investigating the matter and will determine if any action is warranted,” the WWE issued in a statement.

Deadspin also reached out to Jillian Hall, and she admitted that it was true that they had a romantic relationship with Amann while she was wrestling in the WWE.

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