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Brock Lesnar WrestleMania 36 rumors heat up after WWE RAW promo

brock lesnar and paul heyman appear on wwe raw
Paul Heyman cuts a promo on WWE RAW about Brock Lesnar’s upcoming Royal Rumble match. Pic credit: WWE

The Beast Brock Lesnar was among the first WWE superstars to declare himself for the Royal Rumble 2020 match, putting opponents on notice. It also got people wondering about the plans for Lesar at WrestleMania.

Lesnar is the WWE Universal Champion, but he seems intent on proving he’s the best overall competitor around as his advocate Paul Heyman announced Brock planned to enter as No. 1 the Rumble.

After last night’s promo on WWE Monday Night Raw from Heyman, the WrestleMania 36 rumors for Lesnar seem to be ramping up for what could be an interesting opponent.

Paul Heyman’s promo for Lesnar brings speculation

On the January 20 episode of Monday Night Raw, Brock Lesnar came out to the ring with Paul Heyman for a promo about Sunday night’s Royal Rumble match.

The promo is raising eyebrows thanks to specific words that Heyman used, which could open the door for a surprise competitor to join the Rumble match and face Lesnar at Mania.

“Brock Lesnar has vowed that 29 other contracted challengers are going to go over the top rope until both feet hit the floor until they are eliminated, and only one Beast stands victorious in this ring, and his name is…Brock Lesnar,” Heyman told the RAW viewers.

Heyman explained that the Rumble winner gets to choose which champion to face in a title match at WrestleMania 36. Paul Heyman also said his client doesn’t believe anyone in the locker room is worthy of facing Lesnar in the main event match, though.

The “29 other contracted challengers” is the part that is causing new WrestleMania 36 rumors to arrive for The Beast. That could mean an opponent not currently within WWE will be the one to eliminate Lesnar and possibly win the match.

Most WWE fans would love for that to be someone like CM Punk. He’s not currently contracted with WWE, according to any information out there.

Punk works with WWE Backstage on FS1 as part of their team of analysts discussing WWE-related topics. He previously stated that a bridge needs to be built before he can return to working for WWE.

Nonetheless, it left the door open for a return, and WWE loves big surprises.

It could also mean someone who hasn’t been involved in WWE quite so much. That includes other sports stars, as WWE also loves to cross-promote.

Weeks ago, a speculative match card for WrestleMania 36 was said to have leaked online. It had a Tyson Fury vs. Brock Lesnar match as part of the plan. Fury signed a one-fight deal with WWE last year and took on Braun Strowman at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia.

That would make him seem to be non-contracted if he enters the match and eliminates The Beast.

Lesnar also faced Cain Velasquez in a match at Crown Jewel as part of a feud that began on SmackDown. Reportedly, Velasquez signed a multi-year deal with WWE, though.

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