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Brian Lawler’s death ruled a suicide as shocking information released about arrest

Brian Lawler death ruled a suicide
Brian Lawler, Scotty Too Hotty and Rikishi / pick by WWE

Brian Lawler was one of three former professional wrestlers who died over the weekend and in a tragic turn of events, The Washington Post reports that Lawler’s death has been ruled a suicide.

Brian had struggled with substance abuse over the years and had his second DUI arrest early in July. However, while his father — Jerry “The King” Lawler — had the money to bail him out of jail, he reportedly left him in there.

According to Dave Meltzer (via Sportskeeda), Jerry Lawler wanted to teach his son a lesson and felt that jail time would do that.

Brian had been in jail for three weeks by the time he hung himself in his cell. According to Meltzer, Jerry thought that giving Brian a “tough lesson” would help him get his son back, but it ended up costing him everything.

Meltzer reported that 46-year-old Brian’s suicide was the culmination of two decades of substance abuse problems for the former professional wrestler. Explaining that Jerry had tried to help his son clean up for years but he never could stay clean.

Meltzer compared it to the VonErich family and trying to live up to the expectations that come with a successful father.

“You have a kid. Even if the kid goes wrong, you’re gonna always love the kid. He did what he thought was the right thing,” Meltzer said. “It’s like a Von Erich story. Very much like one. [He was] a second generation wrestling trying to live up to the name of the father.”

Jerry Lawler was trying to help Brian turn his life around — even up to this last slip-up. He said that if Brian could stay clean for a year that he would help him get a job with the WWE Performance Center.

Meltzer said that even when Brian Lawler was clean of alcohol and illegal narcotics, he was still taking painkillers.

He also said that Brian had attempted to take his own life before.