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Bray Wyatt’s WWE Firefly Fun House has tons of Easter eggs

Bray Wyatt's WWE Firefly Fun House has tons of Easter eggs
Bray Wyatt and his Firefly Fun House. Pic credit: WWE

Bray Wyatt debuted his new gimmick on WWE Monday Night Raw this past week with a segment called the Firefly Fun House.

A lot of fans watched it and immediately dismissed it without even considering the brilliance that could rest behind this strange new gimmick.

Not only did the segment have Bray Wyatt portraying a very creepy and bizarre children’s show host, but WWE and Wyatt added a lot of Easter eggs for fans to look at and try to decipher.

Anyone who thinks Bray Wyatt is going to be a goofy kid’s show host has no idea what Wyatt’s character is about or what the images and performance of Wyatt means.

Wrestling Daze looked at the promo and its various Easter eggs.

As for the Easter eggs, look at the promo carefully and see lots of little things that were clearly added on purpose.

Some things are easy to spot, such as his gloves that read “Heal” and “Hurt” — which we first see in a very bizarrely edited scene. He also listens to the gloves before he takes the chainsaw to his cardboard cutout.

This really makes it seem like Bray Wyatt is a man with a split personality, which is likely where the direction of his character is going.

Older wrestling fans might know the name “Mercy,” which is what he named his buzzard. When Wyatt first appeared, many old-school WWE fans compared him to Waylan Mercy, a character based on the movie Cape Fear.

There is also a photo on the wall of a woman (maybe Sister Abigail? Maybe Nikki Cross?). Look next to it and there is another nail where another photo once hung but has been removed. Who could that be?

There is also a small chair covered by a blanket and a sombrero hanging on the wall.

There were also things missing, including the dollhouse and the rabbit — and that also might be where Nikki Cross makes her debut if she is going to be part of the Firefly Fun House.

Wyatt finishes by saying he will always lead the way if we just let him in. This is very menacing and calls back to his days leading the children against John Cena in their feud.

There is a lot more to Bray Wyatt and the Firefly Fun House than people who dismissed it offhand give it credit for.

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