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Bray Wyatt responds to Seth Rollins WWE heel turn

Bray Wyatt responds to Seth Rollins WWE heel turn
Seth Rollins turned heel on Monday Night Raw. Pic credit: WWE

On WWE Monday Night Raw, Seth Rollins opened the show and delivered a huge promo insulting the entire roster surrounding the ring.

It was a heel turn, although many fans online seem unsure of what Rollins was trying to accomplish.

One person who did understand was The Fiend Bray Wyatt.

While fans debated whether Rollins officially turned heel or not, Wyatt said simply, “I knew you had it in you Seth.”

The truth is that this was a heel turn and on WWE Backstage last night, the panel discussed the change in Rollins’ attitude.

Paige, who has been very critical of Seth Rollins lately, said she loves this Seth Rollins. Christian and Samoa Joe also agreed, both admitting that it looked like a heel turn to them.

They even said that the reason this works so much better than the “burn it down” babyface Rollins is that this allows Seth to finally portray a character that is more like himself.

Remember, when Seth Rollins was at his highest in WWE, he was either in The Shield as they ran over everyone or he was the WWE Champion as part of The Authority after betraying The Shield.

At that time, he had his own lackey in a security team that included Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury. This time, it looks like he will have backup again and from two much bigger, more dangerous men.

The Authors of Pain came to the ring at the end of his match against Kevin Owens and they completely destroyed KO. However, when Rollins stood up and prepared to fight them, they just left.

Samoa Joe mentioned on WWE Backstage that it looks like the Authors of Pain will align themselves with Seth Rollins and this should be huge for both of the young superstars.

While WWE Universal Champion Bray Wyatt is congratulating Seth Rollins after the two feuded last month, Rollins himself has been missing from Twitter for the last week.

That is interesting since Rollins’ attitude and arrogance on Twitter was always eye-opening and different from his fiery babyface persona on television. Now, they line up perfectly.

WWE Monday Night Raw airs on USA Network at 8/7c.

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