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Bray Wyatt finally makes WWE return on Monday Night Raw

Bray Wyatt finally makes WWE return on Monday Night Raw
Bray Wyatt made his WWE return on Raw. Pic credit: WWE

On Monday Night Raw, Samoa Joe pinned Balor with a quick roll up in a short match. Then, Bray Wyatt made his WWE return after weeks of teasing with the Firefly Fun House.

After the match, Samoa Joe tried to take out Finn Balor with the Coquina Clutch, but Balor fought back, hit the Sling Blade and the Coup de Grace.

While he was celebrating, the lights went out, and some strange sound effects started, and the fans went completely nuts. The strobe lights began flickering, and Bray Wyatt was in the ring with his flesh mask over his face.

He hit Sister Abigail on Finn Balor, and high-frequency sound effects kicked in with the strobe lights flashing again. The fans all chanted “Holy Sh*t,” and the lights went out with Bray’s laughing ringing over the speakers, taking Monday Night Raw to commercial.

After weeks of the Firefly Fun House having Bray Wyatt as a demented television show host who got darker as the weeks went on, Wyatt is finally back.

Many fans online seemed split on the promos, with some hating them and others considering them the best things to take place on Monday Night Raw.

Now, Bray Wyatt is there, and the fans in attendance were solidly behind him. The question is how WWE will follow this up. Wyatt has a ton of upside, and it is up to Paul Heyman to do this right.

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