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Booker T defends Kenny Omega after NXT ‘developmental talent’ comments

Booker T defends Kenny Omega after NXT 'developmental talent' comments
Kenny Omega in AEW. PIc credit: James Musselwhite/AEW

In a recent interview, Kenny Omega was talking about the upcoming head-to-head war between AEW Dynamit and WWE NXT on Wednesday nights and she said something that made some fans mad.

Omega spoke to Sportskeeda about the NXT talent and said “if these guys were in the same show as me, they’d be in the dark match,” and that with AEW, “you’re going to see real stars; not developmental talent.”

That made WWE fans mad, as they know that NXT is no longer a developmental territory and has some major stars like Adam Cole, Matt Riddle and Johnny Gargano.

However, Booker T talked about this on his podcast and said fans need to calm down because he didn’t believe Omega was seriously disrespecting NXT wrestlers.

“He made some disparaging words about the talent on NXT,” Booker T said. “But then I was reading earlier that he was talking in character, he didn’t really mean that about those guys. A lot of those guys are his friends, and he didn’t want to disparage anyone in that way.”

Booker T then broke it down for the fans with a personal comparison. A while back, Booker T said that he wanted to meet up with Corey Graves in a Starbucks and would kick his butt if he ever saw him there.

“Do you really think I believe that I wanted to actually catch Corey Graves in Starbucks? [No.],” Booker T said “See, exactly my point. So, when working the masses, you always want to try and stay in character and make it as real as you possibly can to try to create something.”

As Booker T believes, this was Kenny Omega telling his fanbase what they want to hear, in character, and there is nothing wrong with that.

AEW Dynamite premieres on Wednesday, Oct. 2, on TNT at 8/7c while WWE NXT airs at the same time on USA Network.

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