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Bobby Lashley and Lana wedding on WWE Raw ends with lesbian angle with Liv Morgan [Video]

Bobby Lashley and Lana wedding on WWE Raw ends with lesbian angle with Liv Morgan
Liv Morgan interrupted the Lana and Bobby Lashley wedding. Pic credit: WWE

The final WWE Monday Night Raw of 2019 ended with an angle that most fans hate — the Lana and Bobby Lashley wedding.

If there is one thing that can be said about this moment, it is that Monday Night Raw just went full ECW when it comes to over-the-top ridiculous angles.

The wedding was in the main event spot on Monday Night Raw, and Bobby Lashley came out first. Then Lana came out, and Raw went to commercial. When Raw returned, the wedding song was still playing, and the ceremony started.

The preacher read a script that Lana provided to him, made evident when he went off-script about having children, and she went nuts, saying a little monster will never come out of her, making her fat.

Anyway, the show went on.

Lana read her vows, and then Bobby Lashley read the vows that Lana wrote for him, which said pretty much the same thing as hers — that he worked his entire life to get the chance to meet someone as great as her to marry.

Then came the moment fans were waiting for. The objections to the vows were next.

First, some dude came out who turned out to be Lana’s first husband. He said she married him when she was 18 and then left him for that “son of a bi*ch” Rusev, and then she left Rusev for this “son of a bi*ch” Lashley.

When he said she would leave Bobby when someone bigger came along, Lashley choke slammed him.

Then, it was time for Bobby Lashley’s first wife to come out. Before she could say anything, Lana smacked the crap out of her.

Then, another woman came out. It was Liv Morgan. She was crying and said that she was down and can’t believe this wedding was taking place because she thought they were in love.

When Lashley said he never did anything with her, Liv Morgan said that she wasn’t talking about Lashley. She was talking about Lana.

Lana was crying and then attacked Liv Morgan, and the two brawled until security separated them.

However, before the ceremony could make Lana and Bobby Lashley husband and wife, Rusev popped out of the cake and attacked Lashley.

And that folks, was the last moment of 2019 for WWE.

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