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Big Cass released: Everything you need to know

Big Cass released: Everything you need to know

Big Cass has been released by the WWE. Pic credit: WWE

As reported on Tuesday, Big Cass was released from his WWE contract. Since his release, some information has come out as to the reason for this surprising move.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer revealed that Vince McMahon called a meeting before SmackDown Live on Tuesday night and personally fired Big Cass from the WWE.

While this came as a surprise to WWE fans, many of whom assumed that Big Cass was a personal pet project of McMahon due to his size, Sports Illustrated reported that the move was at least a month in the works.

The SI reports indicate that Big Cass developed some attitude issues and had been drinking a lot recently. The WWE just got back from a tour of Europe and Cass reportedly was intoxicated in public during that tour.

Sports Illustrated reported that being drunk in public was one of the big reasons for the Big Cass release.

However, there were more reasons than that for why the WWE cut ties with their seven-foot superstar.

Former WWE superstar Simon Dean (real name: Mike Bucci) posted on Facebook that a friend of his from his days in the WWE was backstage at a WWE show, and Big Cass “bog dogged him” and asked him to leave the locker room. Cass reportedly was getting a lot of heat backstage for his attitude.

There was also a report by Pro Wrestling Sheet that Big Cass had an incident on a tour bus recently as well. He went to the bathroom on the bus and the door was stuck. According to reports, Cass thought the other wrestlers were pranking him, freaked out and kicked the door to the bathroom down.

Finally, there is the big report that Big Cass was already in hot water with Vince McMahon from an incident on SmackDown Live last month. Here is the incident.

While that looks like a basic WWE storyline, the problem is that Pro Wrestling Sheets reported that Big Cass asked Vince McMahon if he could rough up the little person pretending to be Daniel Bryan and was told no.

Big Cass reportedly thought it would help his character in the feud, but McMahon told him to do the Big Boot and that was all. Big Cass then ignored McMahon’s orders and went off script anyway.

Former DX member Sean Waltman said that Big Cass wouldn’t have gotten in as much trouble if he just did it, but the fact he asked McMahon, was told no and ignored the orders is what caused the problems.

The future of Big Cass is now in question, although his old tag team partner Enzo Amore — who the WWE fired a few months ago — sent out a tweet after the Big Cass release news broke.

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