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Becky Lynch rips WWE for its treatment of Asuka on the main roster

Becky Lynch rips WWE for its treatment of Asuka on the main roster
Becky Lynch and CM Punk compared careers last night. Pic credit: WWE/FOX

Last night on WWE Backstage on FS1, Becky Lynch made a special in-studio appearance to talk about her career.

It started off with Becky almost in character, boasting about herself and how she has a chip on her shoulder and won’t let anyone hold her down again. However, it is becoming apparent that this is the real Becky Lynch.

It made sense that she would sit in the ring for the interview next to CM Punk, someone else who made a meteoric rise to the top of WWE with the same chip on his shoulder.

Both wrestlers came in with a lot of praise and both were relegated to second-tier stars. However, CM Punk hit the nail on the head when he said that there is a moment that catapults stars into legends.

For Steve Austin, it was passing out to Bret Hart’s sharpshooter. For CM Punk, it was the Pipe Bomb. For Becky Lynch, it was the moment that Nia Jax legitimately broke her nose.

After that, there was nothing left to hold them back.

In an interesting moment, Becky Lynch then started to talk about her current feud with Asuka — someone she has never beaten. It was at this point that Lynch broke character and said something shocking.

Lynch said that Asuka was a monster in NXT. She was undefeated and no one could touch her. She came up to the main roster without ever tasting defeat and then WWE screwed up.

“She had this phenomenal run in NXT, she was booked to win 90% of her matches. Then, last year at WrestleMania, she got the rug pulled from under her. I felt bad for her. I know what it’s like to be in that position. I want to make her a monster”

Most wrestlers care only about making themselves stars. In this feud, Becky Lynch has done everything in her promos to reveal that she knows that Asuka has her number and has always been the better wrestler.

Now, with the two prepared to battle at the Royal Rumble, most fans expect Becky Lynch to finally beat her nemesis, but her comments about Asuka makes it a little blurry.

Unlike Charlotte Flair at Asuka’s first WrestleMania, who ended up proving she was the true women’s star in WWE by ending Asuka’s winning streak, it sounds like Becky Lynch wants to prove to the world that the women of WWE are not ready for Asuka.

WWE Royal Rumble takes place on Sunday night at 7/6c on WWE Network. WWE Backstage airs every Tuesday night at 11/10c on FS1.

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