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Bayley heel turn spoiled by post-match ‘counseling’ angle

Bayley heel turn on WWE Raw
Bayley vs Sasha Banks on WWE Raw. Pic credit: WWE

Last night on Monday Night Raw, WWE superstar Bayley got the biggest pop since she came up to the main roster. However, the excitement of the apparent Bayley heel turn didn’t last long due to the storyline angle that took place backstage.

The problem with the argument concerning a Bayley heel turn is that there is a chance it was never meant to be an actual heel turn. Sasha Banks had treated Bayley horribly for the past few months and Bayley just snapped.

By the time Bayley lost it and destroyed Sasha Banks on Monday Night Raw last night, the fans were ready for it and went completely nuts. The entire arena exploded in cheers and the fans were behind Bayley the entire way.

It was similar to the reaction Ronda Rousey got when she attacked Alexa Bliss last week and then even beat up Kurt Angle and WWE officials. The fans were supporting the attacker because of what happened leading up to the attack.

Then, the WWE screwed up the alleged Bayley heel turn.

Kurt Angle ordered Bayley to report to counseling next week or she is fired. He also ordered Sasha Banks to report to counseling as well. See, because these two female wrestlers no longer want to be friends, Angle is going to force the issue.

Braun Strowman asked to team with Kevin Owens last night and then tried to attack him after the match. Strowman then flipped Owens’ car over and laughed about it. Angle is not asking them to go to counseling to work out their problems.

At the worst, it reeks of sexism and gender inequality when it comes to the treatment of male and female superstars. However, there might be a more innocent reason for the move that is even worse. The WWE might want to use the Bayley heel turn as a launching point for comedy skits.

Remember the WWE forcing Daniel Bryan and Kane to go to counseling to work out their problems and that leading to Team Hell No, one of the most popular teams of that time period? It worked with them because Bryan was not super-over yet and that got him there.

Maybe the WWE thought that Bayley needs the Daniel Bryan treatment to finally get over on the main roster. That could be a good argument, but the Bayley heel turn put her over big-time with the fans instantly and the counseling might reverse that momentum.

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