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Awesome Kong makes her surprise debut at AEW Double or Nothing

Awesome Kong makes her debut at AEW Double or Nothing
Awesome Kong makes her AEW Double or Nothing surprise debut. Pic credit: AEW

There were promised surprises at AEW Double or Nothing and the first one came fast.

In the very second match on the first AEW PPV, the women came out for their very first match ever in the new company.

The match was supposed to be a three-way match between Smily Kylie Rae vs. The Native Beast Nyla Rose vs. Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.

However, Brandi Rhodes then came out in her wrestling gear and cut a promo that made it sound like she was going to pull rank as an authority figure and put herself in the match.

Brandi admitted that she told the truth when she said that any of these three girls could win. She then said that she was telling the truth when she said that they could put on a good match.

But she wants the match to be awesome.

Awesome Kong then came out, and the biggest name in the AEW female division is here.

Fans might remember that Awesome Kong was a massive star in TNA Impact Wrestling. She signed with WWE and debuted as Kharma where she destroyed everyone until she learned she was pregnant and had to leave.

Awesome Kong appeared retired but she is back and looked as strong as ever, although she remained out of action for a time in the middle of the match, which gave the three younger stars a chance to show their stuff.

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Awesome Kong also looked like a million bucks and still didn’t need to win the match to do so. Dr. Britt Baker won the match when she pinned Kylie Rae.

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