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Arn Anderson reveals how WWE dropped the ball when they signed Sting

Arn Anderson reveals how WWE dropped the ball when they signed Sting
Sting and Triple H battled at WrestleMania 31. Pic credit: WWE

Arn Anderson was a legend in the world of professional wrestling. He was a member of the Four Horsemen, and alongside Tully Blanchard, he is considered one of the best tag team wrestlers in history.

He also worked for years behind-the-scenes as a producer for WWE. John Cena considered him a friend and credited him with helping him develop into a main event wrestler.

Now, Anderson is in AEW and he has a new podcast where he is telling lots of stories about his career.

Recently, he talked about Sting arriving in WWE.

Sting’s WWE run

Sting was the last big holdout. While everyone from DDP to Scott Hall and Kevin Nash to Goldberg all showed up in WWE after WCW went out of business, Sting never did.

Sting said that he had a chance to go to WWE while WCW was still in business. That loyalty followed him after WWE bought WCW and shut them down.

Instead, Sting had a long career in TNA Impact Wrestling and still never showed up on WWE television.

Then, Sting finally signed in 2014. He was put in the WWE video game and then made his big debut for the company at Survivor Series and was placed against The Authority and Triple H.

This all led to WrestleMania 31, where Sting fought Triple H — and lost. The match had DX come out to help Triple H and the nWo come out to help Sting.

It made no sense because everyone there was really long-time friends of Triple H and they just made it into WWE beating WCW again.

Then, Sting’s career ended a short time later in a botched fall in a match with Seth Rollins. His WrestleMania record was 0-1.

Arn Anderson talks about what went wrong

“Well, I thought it was 15 years too late,” Arn Anderson said about Sting joining WWE.

Anderson said that he feels that Sting should have joined after WCW shut down and received the star treatment he deserved. Instead, he showed up years later and was beaten by Triple H in a WCW vs. WWE war that no one cared about anymore.

“It was meant to beat you over the head with: ‘We are WWE, we won the war. Here’s your big star, well he ain’t a big star here tonight,’” Anderson said.

Anderson even touched on how everyone who came out on both sides was buddies with Triple H. He also said that Sting was the nWo’s biggest rival so it made no sense that they would work together.

Finally, Anderson hated the ending. Triple H hit Sting with a sledgehammer and then Sting shook his hand at the end as if nothing happened.

“After all that bullsh**, run in, abuse, hit me in the face with a sledgehammer, I’m just going to shake your hand and walk out,” Anderson said. “It doesn’t mean s–t, match is over now, we’ll go back to being just entertainers.’ I don’t think the audience needs that, I don’t think they want it.”

In the end, Anderson said there was no reason that Sting couldn’t come in and win clean over Triple H and then move on to become a star again for WWE.

However, it was never meant to be.

“The reality is this: It was the last nail that Vince could nail into the coffin and say okay it’s done, we’re the superior company,” Anderson said.

Arn Anderson now appears on AEW Dynamite on Wednesdays at 8/7c on TNT.