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All In recap and results: Pentagon vs. Omega, Cody vs. Aldis, Rey Mysterio, Okada and more

All In recap and results
All In Chicago was a huge success — Pic credit: Official All In

All In is the biggest independent wrestling show of all-time, if for no other reason than it was booked by the wrestlers and sold out in 30 minutes.

Some huge names are on the show, including IWGP champion Kenny Omega, ROH world champion Jay Lethal, NWA world champion Nick Aldis, The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes.

With so many huge names, this is the one indie show that wrestling fans need to see in 2018. Here is a look at the All In recap and results from this huge show in Chicago.

The first two matches did not take place on the pay-per-view or live stream of the event, and instead aired on WGN America — a huge opportunity for the wrestlers competing in this match.

Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks — the three wrestlers who put up the money originally and booked this show — made their way out first to greet the fans in attendance.

They even got the legendary Road Warrior Animal to make an appearance, riding a motorcycle and wearing his classic Road Warriors shoulder pads.

That was a fun way to start the All In event.

Match 1: The Briscoes vs. So-Cal Uncensored

The opening match sees Ring of Honor tag team champions, The Briscoes battling Kazarian and Scorpio Sky of So-Cal Uncensored. This is a non-title match but Kazarian and Christopher Daniels will get a shot at the titles at ROH Death Before Dishonor XVI on Sept. 28.

This is like a prelude to that match.

SCU came to the ring in Rocky III inspired ring gear. The crowd is excited and this is a good match to kick things off.

The match was a solid brawl and lasted just over 12 minutes. The end came when the Jay Briscoe hit the Jay Driller and Mark hit the Froggy Bow on Kazarian but Scorpio Sky made the save. When the Briscoes tried the Doomsday Device, Kaz countered it and reversed into the Spanish Fly to get the pinfall victory.

Winners: So-Cal Uncensored

Match 2: Over Budget Battle Royal

Sure, a battle royal is just a way to get everyone on the show, but since this is paid for by Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks, they are using their money to get their friends onto WGN America for the entire country to see — and that is not a bad thing.

Also, the winner of this battle royal gets a Ring of Honor world title shot later at All In. There are 30 wrestlers in this battle royal, which is a lot more than originally announced.

The bigger names involved are Bully Ray, Trent Baretta, Tommy Dreamer, Billy Gunn, Moose, Hurricane Helms, Punishment Martinez, Brian Cage, Colt Cabana, Rocky Romero, Jimmy Jacobs, Chuck Taylor, and more. There was also a masked wrestler.

The masked wrestler ran in at the end when it looked like Bully Ray won and tossed him. The masked wrestler was Flip Gordon.

This was huge since the story coming into All In was that Cody Rhodes refused to book Flip Gordon for the show and he snuck his way in and gets a Ring of Honor title match.

Winner: Flip Gordon

The pay-per-view portion starts now. Impact Wrestling booker Don Callis is one of the announcers for All In.

Match 3: Matt Cross vs. MJF

All In started its pay-per-view now with an unannounced match.

For those who don’t know, Matt Cross is Son of Havoc from Lucha Underground. MJF is a star from Major League Wrestling, an arrogant heel.

The two wrestled a match where MJF was working as the heel who really pushed the audience’s buttons. Matt Cross worked an injured arm angle and fought back to end up getting the win with the Shooting Star Press.

Winner: Matt Cross by pinfall

Sean Mooney (formerly from WWE) is backstage and he is there to interview NWA champion Nick Aldis, who said that the NWA title is the reason so many people care about All In.

Match 4: Stephen Amell vs. Christopher Daniels

Jerry “F’n” Lynn is the special guest referee for this match!!!!!

Of course, Stephen Amell portrays Oliver Queen on the CW series Arrow (and is a member of Bullet Club). He comes to the ring with fellow Arrow cast member Josh Segarra (Adrian Chase).

Christopher Daniels comes to the ring with fellow SCU members Kazarian and Scorpio Sky. He is the PERFECT opponent for Amell’s first singles match since Daniels can work with everyone.

John Mayer is in the front row of All In.

Daniels tried to showboat early but Amell was game and the two really fought hard. Fans chanted “Arrow” at one point in the match and then “Fallen Angel” for Daniels.

Amell even hit the Falcon Arrow!

HOLY CRAP!!!!  Stephen Amell hit the Van Terminator (see: Rob Van Damm or Shane McMahon) all the way across the ring (but with no chair involved). Major props to Amell for his work in this match.

Stephen Amell actually pulled out a table midway through the match (SCU put him through a table a couple of months back on a Ring of Honor show).

The table finally came into play when Amell got Daniels on the table. Amell then went to the top buckle and MISSED an elbow drop through the table, sending Amell crashing through the table.

The fans then chanted “Broken Arrow.”

Jerry Lynn then went out and threw both men back into the ring so there would be a winner and not a count out. Daniels slapped Lynn so Lynn took off his referee shirt, pushed Daniels and Amell almost won with a roll up.

Daniels started beating the hell out of Amell and Amell kept asking for more. Amell flipped off Daniels so Chris went for Angel’s Wings but Amell reversed it.

This is a shockingly great match.

Best Moonsault Ever finally won the match for Christopher Daniels but Stephen Amell really turned in a great performance.

Amell shook Daniels hand after the match and then raised his hand in victory. Both men posed for the crowd with Daniels showing respect as well.

Winner: Christopher Daniels by pinfall

Match 5: Tessa Blanchard vs. Chelsea Green vs. Madison Rayne vs. Britt Baker

Ring of Honor women wrestlers Tenille Dashwood (Emma from the WWE) and Mandy Leon joined the commentators.

Tessa Blanchard is the current Impact Wrestling women’s champion. Her father Tully Blanchard (Four Horseman) and stepdad Magnum TA are there for the show. I remember the war between Tully and Magnum from classic NWA shows and that was an awesome moment.

This is a tornado-styled match with all four women fighting at the same time. Madison is hugely improved from her early days. Tessa is amazing and better than almost any woman. Britt is young and is the underdog. Chelsea is psychotic and has multiple personalities.

Tessa and Madison started to fight outside of the ring with Chelsea and Britt fighting in the ring. The fans love Tessa Blanchard.

Chelsea at one point did Zack Ryder’s Woo Woo Woo kick. She also almost pinned Tessa Blanchard after hitting the Canadian Destroyer and got a standing ovation.

The match was one that people were worried the fans would crap on but it ended up getting a “this is awesome” chant toward the end.

However, the ending was almost a screw up as Tessa Blanchard hit the DDT and got the pin. The referee looked like he called it a kick out but the bell rang and then the referee announced Tessa the winner.

All four women hugged after the match.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard by pinfall

Match 6: NWA World Championship: Nick Aldis vs. Cody Rhodes

Brent Tarring came to the ring to call the match. He is the man who called Cody Rhodes first match in Ohio Valley Wrestling.

There is a big thing about this title match. Cody’s dad, The American Dream Dusty Rhodes is a three-time former NWA world champion and one of the best wrestlers in NWA history.

Cody’s outfit is a complete homage to his dad.

Cody Rhodes comes to the ring with Diamond Dallas Page, Tommy Dreamer, and his wife Brandi Rhodes. Nick Aldis comes to the ring with Tim Storm, Shawn Davari, and Jeff Jarrett.

This is simply incredible. The fans are so energetic. This feels like a really big deal. They love Cody Rhodes.

Nick Aldis was Magnus in Impact Wrestling and is the husband of Mickie James.

Earl Hebner is the referee for the match.

There was a moment where Cody flew out of the ring onto Nick Aldis, but Aldis raised his arm and Cody smashed into it. Earl Hebner called for help and Diamond Dallas Page came down to check on Cody.

Shawn Davari came out and shoved down Dallas Page before trying to get the match thrown out before shoving Hebner down. Page then ran in and hit the Diamond Cutter onto Davari to get him out of the ring and the fans loved it.

Earl Hebner then sent Diamond Dallas Page to the back and the match continued on. Cody Rhodes’ face is covered in blood (more homage to his dad and old-school NWA).

Despite blood pouring from his head, Cody Rhodes fought back.

Cody Rhodes locked in the Figure Four with blood covering his face, looking a lot like Ric Flair when he did so.

Nick Aldis fought back and had Cody Rhodes in bad shape. Brandi told her husband he didn’t need to continue but he wouldn’t give up. Aldis hit the piledriver and went up top but Brandi came into the ring to try to stop the attack.

Brandi covered Cody with her body when Aldis came off with the flying elbow drop and he smashed into her. Aldis looked like he felt terrible for it.

Cody hit Aldis with the Cross Rhodes but Aldis kicked out. This is the most important an NWA title match has felt in over a decade. This is huge for the entire NWA.

Cody ended up reversing the Sunset Flip into a roll up and won the NWA World Championship. This felt like a really big deal.

Winner: Cody Rhodes by pinfall

Match 7: Chicago Street Fight: Joey Janela vs. Adam ‘Hangman’ Page

Interestingly, the entire lead into this match was the Adam Page vs. Joey Ryan feud, which resulted in someone killing Joey Ryan in Japan — and then the lapse into psychosis for Adam Page (this all happened on the Being the Elite YouTube series).

This makes it look like the Ghost of Joey Ryan’s Penis might play a part in this match.

Adam Page is wearing his boots, which is good since it looks like they have stopped talking to him (watch Being the Elite). This is Adam Page beating all men named Joey since he admitted to murdering Joey Ryan.

#AllIn has officially moved into the number one trending topic on Twitter worldwide.

This is a Chicago Street Fight, so there are foreign objects involved, including chairs — and then a Cracker Barrel (this is due to them being a sponsor, which is kind of funny).

There were some very scary spots in the match including Adam Page hitting the Burning Hammer from the ring apron onto a ladder. Don’t know how Janela got up from that one.

Adam Page got a trash bag but Penelope Ford attacked him. Page tried to hit her but she kept dodging it and then hit the Stunner, a flying bodypress, and then put Page on a table where Janela came off the top and put Page through the table.


The two men then fought up the entrance. Janela went to the entrance and ran full speed down for a clothesline. Janela then set up two tables at the entrance, under the stairs leading down from the stage.

Page reversed it and then picked up Janela and threw him like 5 feet from the stage and through the tables. Page took Janela back to the ring. He hit the Right of Passage, but Penelope saved Janela again.

Now, Penelope has the trash bag. Adam Page dumped it out and the cursed boots that speak to Page on Being the Elite were in the bag. Adam Page superkicked Penelope. He turned and Janela superkicked Page, but only got a two count.

Janela then brought in a ladder and a table and set them up next to each other in the ring. Janela put Page on the table and then climbed the ladder. Adam Page got back up and grabbed the phone he killed Joey Ryan with out of the trash bag,

Adam Page then hit the Right of Passage from the top of the ladder through the table for the win. That match was completely nuts.

Winner: Adam Page

The lights went out after the match and a video showed that Joey Ryan was dead but his Penis was still alive.

Then, in the same vein as the Undertaker’s entrance, instead of Druids coming out, men dressed as giant Penis’ walked out to the stage and then Joey Ryan showed up!

Joey Ryan is Alive!!!!!!!

Adam Page is in shock.

Joey Ryan comes into the ring, lathers himself up with baby oil, and is ready to fight. Adam Page said he killed him, and he isn’t real. Page takes a punch, but then Ryan blocks it, forces his hand onto his penis and then his penis hip tosses Page.

Joey Ryan then tossed his lollipop at Page, superkicks him and then the men dressed like penis’ carry Adam Page to the back.

Match 8: Ring of Honor Championship: Jay Lethal vs. Flip Gordon

Flip Gordon came out and Brandi Rhodes came out with him (which is shocking since Cody Rhodes didn’t want Flip on the card). Fans love Flip Gordon.

This is great because they have used Being the Elite for weeks now to set up Flip getting any kind of match at All In and it is a title match — his first chance at the title.

Jay Lethal comes out in his Macho Man Randy Savage persona, using Randy Savage’s music and outfit. Savage’s brother “The Genius” Lanny Poffo also came out with him (his Brother From Another Mother).

Jay Lethal even treated Brandi Rhodes like Macho Man used to treat Elizabeth. Hilarious. He even does the thing where he holds her up on his shoulder.

When Brandi slapped Lethal, he snapped out of the Randy Savage mode and became Jay Lethal again.

Flip Gordon actually made it look like he had a chance to win this match, and there was even a Falcon Arrow that looked like it would get the three count. Jay Lethal did a lot to really help the young Flip shine in this match.

Lanny Poffo slapped Lethal on the shoulder and he became Randy Savage again, hitting three Macho Man Flying Elbow Drops but Flip Gordon kicked out.

Flip Gordon then started to Hulk Up — ala, classic Randy Savage vs. Hulk Hogan matches. Flip did the Hulk Up, the Hulk Hogan finger point, the punches and then the Big Boot. He did the hands to the ear and then went for the Leg Drop.

Lethal blocked it and Flip Gordon hit the Star Spangled Slingblade. Flip hit the Shooting Star Press, hit the top buckle and then hit one from the top buckle.

Flip tried to hit a move from the top buckle but Jay hit the cutter and then the Lethal Injection got the win.

After the match, Jay Lethal gave a ton of respect to Flip Gordon for the match.

Winner: Jay Lethal by pinfall

After the match, Bully Ray came down with his chain and attacked both Flip Gordon and Jay Lethal. He then started to beat down Flip Gordon with his chain.

Lanny Poffo came in to challenge Bully Ray but took a boot to the gut to get him out of the ring. Bully Ray then went and got a table from under the ring.

Chicago’s own Colt Cabana came down for the save and attacked Bully Ray. Both Flip Gordon and Jay Lethal got up after that. The three men hit The Shield triple powerbomb on Bully Ray through the table.

ROH head honcho Cary Silkin even thanked Colt Cabana for that.

Match 9: Kenny Omega vs. Pentagon Jr.

Pentagon Jr is wrestling under the name Penta El Zero in this match (copyright problems). Penta is from Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling and is one of the meanest and most violent wrestlers in the world today.

Kenny Omega is the current IWGP Champion in New Japan and possibly the best wrestler on the planet today.

This match will be amazing. Watch the following Being the Elite video at the 13:50 mark to see Omega’s reaction to fighting Penta in this match:

It is nice to see Kenny Omega in a major show in America.

The fans were going nuts before the match even started.

This match — as expected — was amazing and earned both men a standing ovation during the match. This is an indie pay-per-view, but it is clear that Kenny Omega is treating this like a big deal and he is a Big Match Wrestler.

Watch this match. No description I can give it can do it justice.

Penta got to do the spot where he broke Kenny Omega’s arm, but despite that, Omega was able to end up hitting his One-Winged Angel for the win.

Amazing match. Best of the night.

Winner: Kenny Omega

The lights went out after the match!  What is happening?

When they came back on, Penta got up but it isn’t Penta (you can tell by the tattoos). CHRIS JERICHO is here and dressed as Penta. Jericho attacked Omega!!!  Chris Jericho is at All In!!!!!

Chris Jericho beats up Kenny Omega after the match! This is the first time Jericho has appeared on a show in the United States since he left the WWE.

Chris Jericho said that he will see Kenny Omega for their match on the Jericho Cruise.

Match 10: Marty Scurll vs. Kazuchika Okada

This is a match that pits a junior heavyweight in NJPW in Marty Scurll against Okada, a heavyweight wrestler in NJPW. On Being the Elite, most people told Marty he had no chance.

On his way to the ring, two unseen people start to mock Marty for being a lightweight and he breaks some fingers.

Tiger Hattori is the special guest referee for this match.

The Villain Marty Scurll comes out first. The Rainmaker Kazuchika Okada got his special entrance with the Okada Bucks blasted out into the crowd before the match.

Okada got a HUGE pop from the crowd but the fans seemed to get behind both men with alternating cheers.

The two men played off the size difference. Marty tried a shoulder tackle but didn’t budge Okada, who just smiled at him. Marty asked Okada to do the same, which caused Okada to laugh and do it, dropping Marty.

Fans loved it when Marty Scurll actually started to take the advantage over the larger Okada. Scurll was smart and started working on body parts, which helped him get the upper hand for a short time.

However, Okada was just too big and strong and eventually was able to laugh off the hardest of Scurll’s strikes.

To his credit, Marty Scurll actually hit a brainbuster on Okada — a huge move. He also hit a nice Superplex. This caused the fans to chant “heavyweight” about Scurll.

The match had moments early with Scurll fighting for the advantage but it really picked up in the second half. Scurll made the mistake of trying to use Okada’s tombstone and it was reversed.

Okada went for the Rainmaker and Scurll reversed it and broke his fingers. However, Okada hit the dropkick and went for the Rainmaker, but Marty reversed it and went for a submission hold but Okada was too big and reversed out of it.

However, Okada was too arrogant and Scurll locked it in again. Scurll knocked Okada into the referee who was knocked down. Scurll tried to use his umbrella and he opened it and it said All In. He then hit Okada with it, and then Scurll hit the Rainmaker and got a long two count.

Finally, Okada hit his Rainmaker. “This is awesome” chant as the two have completely won over the fans in Chicago. Okada kept hitting Scurll, who kept getting back up and asking for more, refusing to give up as the fans did the “bird chant.”

Scurll slapped Okada and was hit with a second rainmaker and then a third one, which gave Okada the win.

Winner: Kazuchika Okada by pinfall

Match 11: Young Bucks and Kota Ibushi vs. Rey Mysterio, Bandido and Rey Fenix

Obviously, time is running low, so they didn’t even give Okada and Scurll time for the post-match celebration and jumped right to the next match.

There is no way to recap this match.

Everyone got to hit their big moves, the high flying and more were over-the-top of the Young Bucks ended up winning with the Meltzer Driver on Bandido.

Winners: Young Bucks and Kota Ibushi

Honestly, it was sad to see things rushed to an end so fast after the show, but this was an amazing pay-per-view and possibly the best of the year so far for any company.

Highly recommended.

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