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AEW Wrestling proves that they are not PG with blood filled battle

AEW Wrestling proves that they are not PG with blood filled battle
Dustin Rhodes bled heavily at AEW Double or Nothing. Pic credit: AEW

AEW announced after they signed with TNT for their new TV deal that they are not Rated PG like WWE.

This means that much like WWE in the old days, there will be language and blood. That was shown first-hand in the big grudge match between brothers.

When Cody Rhodes and Dustin Rodes wrestled, Cody took the ring apron off the middle turnbuckle. Dustin then charged in, Cody swept the leg, and Dustin fell face first into the exposed steel buckle.

At this time, Brandi Rhodes then interfered for her brother and speared Dustin Rhodes outside of the ring.

While Earl Hebner dealt with Brandi Rhodes, Dustin was left alone of the floor.

Hebner threw Brandi out of the ringside area and she refused to go, arguing the entire time. Finally, Diamond Dallas Page came down and picked up Brandi and carried her to the back.

By the time the action returned to the ring, Dustin Rhodes was back in the ring and was bleeding heavily. He was a bloody mess. The blood pouring from Dustin’s face was similar to the old matches between his dad Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair.

There was even brief nudity when Dustin pulled down Cody’s tights to expose his butt and then gave him a spanking with the weight belt.

The entire ring was covered in blood by the end of the match and Dustin bled like no one since old-school WWE.

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For anyone who misses blood in wrestling matches — AEW has you covered.

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