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AEW superstar takes photos with 7-year-old fan, father complains after he flips off a child

AEW superstar takes photos with 7-year-old fan, flips him the bird
MJF made a dad mad by being a wrestling heel. Pic credit: AEW

AEW superstar MJF is a true wrestling heel. Whether he is in the ring or out of it, he plays the role to perfection and stays in character all the time.

When he is in the ring, he portrays the self-entitled jerk better than anyone in wrestling. When on social media, he plays the role of the “I am better than you” heel better than anyone in wrestling.

When at fan conventions signing autographs, he will even flip off a seven-year-old during a photo opp.

Maybe he is a jerk. Or maybe he is just a perfect professional wrestling heel that has perfected his craft.

MJF in hot water after flipping off child

MJF was at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo that took place before AEW Revolution last weekend.

One father who apparently has no idea who MJF is or what kind of character he is took his two kids to an autograph and photo opp with the AEW superstar.

As you can see in the photo below, MJF flipped off the seven-year-old while they were taking their photo (also note that MJF posted this and see his response).

While most fans would love this moment and see it as a great opportunity to get trolled by MJF, the father in question was not amused.

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