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AEW star Jon Moxley considered quitting wrestling when he left WWE

AEW star Jon Moxley considered quitting wrestling when he left WWE
Jon Moxley almost stopped wrestling after WWE. Pic credit: AXS TV/NJPW

Jon Moxley left WWE when his contract ended, refusing a multi-million dollar offer to stay with the company. He ended up quickly signing with AEW and also worked with New Japan.

However, WWE burned the former Dean Ambrose out so much on professional wrestling that he almost quit entirely when he left WWE.

Jon Moxley almost quit wrestling after WWE

In an interview with Fightful, Moxley said that he had no clear idea of who or what he was anymore after he finished his WWE run.

At the time that he left WWE, Moxley went on Chris Jericho’s podcast and told him that he hated his last year in the company. Moxley said that they made him come out and work gimmicks and cut promos that made him look like an idiot.

“I’ve had a million conversations with him that are almost this exact same conversation about similar promos,” Moxley said about Vince McMahon. “‘You know this is you! It’s such good sh*t! It’s what makes you-you!’ And I said, ‘So I’m an idiot?’ And he goes, ‘No! It’s you! You’re different!’”

In his first promo after signing with AEW, Moxley said as much.

Moxley said he was “breathing fresh air for the first time in a long time” and reminded everyone that he is no longer Dean Ambrose and is Jon Moxley once again.

In this new interview, Moxley said it made him not even want to be part of wrestling anymore.

“I didn’t have a real clear vision of where my career was gonna go when I was leaving. I kinda thought I would take myself off Broadway, so to speak for a while.”

Moxley also said he thought he might just go to Japan or back to the indies and wrestle under a mask, so no one else would know who he was.

However, Cody Rhodes and AEW called and the rest is history.

Jon Moxley in AEW

Moxley said that Cody Rhodes called him and offered him a spot in AEW. He said he was leery at first, seeing so many other promising promotions like Lucha Underground, Wrestling Society X, and Global Force Wrestling all promising a lot and then dying.

However, it just took Chris Jericho signing with AEW to tell Moxley that it was something he should consider.

“He’s always got his finger on the pulse. He’s one of the smarter guys and if he was gonna take a chance that this is for real, and risk his reputation and his time and he believed in it, it seemed like that was a sign that this could be for real.”

Jon Moxley finished up by saying things are going great now in AEW and it is “really cool” to be on “the forefront or the cusp of something new.”

Jon Moxley will wrestle Chris Jericho for the world title at the next AEW PPV event, AEW Revolution, on Feb. 29, from Chicago.

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