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AEW signs two Luchador wrestlers that the WWE offered contracts to

Pentagon and Fenix
Are Pentagon and Fenix signing with WWE or AEW? Pic credit: Impact Wrestling

The WWE was trying everything they could to sign two of the best Luchador wrestlers in the world to contracts but they didn’t seem interested. However, Pentagon Jr. and Fenix rejected the contracts and chose not to sign with the WWE.

Instead, the continued to wrestle in the mid-level indie Major League Wrestling, which they committed to matches into 2019. They also competed in Impact Wrestling and are still working with Lucha Underground if that promotion makes a new season.

Now, they have agreed to join AEW wrestling.

The Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes and Adam Page have been on a grass roots campaign and have all been showing up at indie shows around the United States and making special appearances. They are gaining lots of new fans and are shining a light on the blossoming indie wrestling scene.

Their most recent stop came on February 1 when they showed up at Come Hell of High Water in Atlanta. Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks showed up at the event.

SCU was there, with Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian in action in the main event as they battled Pentagon Jr. and Fenix. Then, the Young Bucks showed up and asked the Luchador superstars if they wanted to wrestle with AEW.

Pentagon Jr. and Fenix then shook the Young Bucks hands and it seems the deal is set — as a gentleman’s agreement.

When it comes to dates with Major League Wrestling, Impact Wrestling and Mexico, there is good news for AEW fans who want to see Pentagon Jr. and Fenix in the company. Cody Rhodes said that not every wrestler they sign will be exclusive.

Lucha Central reported that Pentagon Jr. and Fenix will be coming to AEW after all — but they will not be exclusive. This means they can work for a large number of companies in 2019 — but not the WWE.