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AEW Revolution recap, grades, and review: Jon Moxley is the new AEW World Champion

AEW Revolution recap, grades, and review
AEW Revolution was the first PPV of 2020 for the company. Pic credit: AEW

The first pay-per-view of 2020 for AEW is Revolution, an event that Cody Rhodes said that he hopes will one day be the company’s version of WrestleMania.

“A lot of people ask us, ‘What’s your WrestleMania? What’s your big event?'” Rhodes said. “I think Revolution may end up being the big one.”

What that means is that Saturday night’s AEW Revolution could see the end of the year’s storylines and the start of a new year for All Elite Wrestling.

With matches like Chris Jericho defending his world title against Jon Moxley, Cody Rhodes finally getting his hands on MJF, and The Elite battling each other for the tag team titles, there is a lot happening tonight.

Here is a look at the AEW Revolution results, review, and grades for the first AEW PPV of 2020.

AEW Revolution results

  • AEW Buy-In Match: The Dark Order beat SCU (**)
  • Jake Hager beat Dustin Rhodes (***)
  • Darby Allin beat Sammy Guevara (***)
  • AEW Tag Team Championship: Adam Page and Kenny Omega beat The Young Bucks (**** 1/2)
  • AEW Women’s Championship: Nyla Rose beat Kris Stantlander (** 1/2)
  • MJF beat Cody (****)
  • PAC beat Orange Cassidy (*** 1/2)
  • AEW Championship: Jon Moxley beat Chris Jericho (****)

AEW Revolution review

As usual, there are Buy-In Matches, and Taz is the lead commentator with Excalibur for these matches.

Interestingly, despite all the promotional work leading into this match, The Dark Order and SCU battled on the Buy-In.

Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky still don’t seem to trust Christopher Daniels anymore. Sky asked Daniels to stay in the back tonight “for his best interest.”

Will The Dark Order bring out their Exalted One tonight? They do come out with their minions, including two masked men and the tag team of Alex Reynolds and John Silver.

The Dark Order ended up winning in an okay match. It wasn’t anything special and the Dark Order won when Uno clubbed Sky in the back of the head.

After the match, they attacked SCU and Colt Cabana made his AEW debut by running down to help, but he was beaten down.

Then, a man came out in a cape. Was this The Exalted One? It was Christopher Daniels, but he attacked The Dark Order and the four guys beat down the Dark Order

Jim Ross and Tony Schiavoni are out for the main show.

The first match is Dustin Rhodes vs. Jake Hager. This is Hager’s first match for AEW, although he has been around as Chris Jericho’s backup for months now.

The nice thing is that Hager came out without the Inner Circle. Hager’s wife is at ringside and they kiss before his match. This opened it up for Goldust to go over and plant a kiss on her halfway through the match.

This is a hoss fight and might be the first one on an AEW PPV so far in the company’s existence. It also shows how important it is to have big, talented, athletic guys, to mix up the match styles.

The funny thing is that Dustin tried a cross arm breaker submission on the MMA fighter Hager. That was a mistake since Hager knows how to reverse out of these MMA holds

When Aubrey Edwards was distracted, Hager kicked Dustin in the groin and then locked in a choke and knocked Dustin out for the win.

AEW announced they will have Blood & Guts in March and it looks like it will be a War Games match.

Up next is Sammy Guevara (they call him a Spanish God) and Darby Allin.

Darby attacks before the bell and the two fight hard outside the ring before the match even started.

Darby Allin is a star and he had the fans on their feet at the end of the match after he beat Guevara with the Coffin Drop.

Jake Hager saved him from a post-match Allin attack.

The next match is for the AEW World Tag Team Championship and sees The Elite battle each other. The Young Bucks are challenging Kenny Omega and Hangman Adam Page for the titles.

Adam Page is on the outside looking in and Young Bucks have been pushing his buttons.

This match was interesting, as the fans almost treated the Young Bucks like the heels in this match even when Page was the most antagonistic.

Things got really personal between Matt Jackson and Adam Page.

The Young Bucks even hit the Best Meltzer Driver Ever on the entryway ramp. That was NASTY. Then it was a Superkick Party on Kenny Omega and the fans are completely against the Bucks.

When Kenny Omega kicked out of the Double V-Trigger, the fans went electric. Matt Jackson even heeled it up going after Omega’s injured shoulder (the one he hurt against Pac).

Matt even took off Kenny’s medical tape, which made Nick angry.

The Bucks went for the best Meltzer Driver Ever on Omega but Page came back and put Nick through a table. A Buckshot/V-Trigger double team move by Page and Omega also only got two.

Kenny Omega couldn’t hit the One-Winged Angel cause of his shoulder and then Adam Page hit the One-Winged Angel onto Matt. Nick came back in for the save.

39 minutes passed and then Adam Page hit the Buckshot on Nick outside the ring and then hit the Buckshot on Matt Jackson inside the ring for the win. Hangman Adam Page did this on his own in the end and proved he is a star.

Adam Page faked a Buckshot to Kenny Omega after the match ended, but the two left together. The heel turn tease continued.

The next match sees AEW Women’s Champion Nyla Rose defending her title against Kris Statlander.

The match was a hard-fought battle and unlike any AEW women’s match seen to date. Statlander gave Nyla Rose all she could handle, but Rose pulled off the win.

Up next is the grudge match between Cody Rhodes and MJF, one of the biggest storylines on AEW television since the last PPV event.

Cody Rhodes has a band playing his entrance theme as he came to the ring. Arn Anderson, Brandi Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes, and Arrow star Stephen Amell were also out with him.

Only Brandi and Arn stayed at ringside, while MJF had Wardlow with him.

This is the first time Cody has been allowed to touch MJF through this entire build.

As expected with Cody Rhodes matches, MJF was who started heavily bleeding in this match.

As much as Cody has left the circus at home in his AEW matches, it was back here. Wardlow interfered. Brandi tried to body press Wardlow but he caught her. Cody told him to put her down so he did. Cody went for a kick but missed and hit Arn, taking him down.

MJF then punched Cody in the groin, but Cody kicked out and it continued. Then, in a crazy move, Cody suplexed MJF over the top rope and to the floor, with MJF’s back bouncing off the apron, but not letting go of Cody, taking him with him.

Everyone but Brandi and Wardlow was laid out.

A bloody MJF and a hurt Cody then punched it out in the ring. Cody even tried a Bionic Elbow, but MJF collapsed as the fans chanted “Dusty.”

MJF hit Cody with the CrossRhodes but Cody kicked out. Cody then hit a low blow behind the ref’s back and almost pinned MJF, but the match continued.

Cody then got some revenge when he used his weight belt to hit MJF. Cody reminded the ref of what MJF did to him so the referee let him hit MJF one more time with it.

MJF then crawled to Cody crying and hugged his leg. He then stood up and hugged Cody. Then MJF spit in Cody’s face and Rhodes hit the CrossRhodes twice.

However, when he went for a third one, MJF took the Dynamite Diamond Ring out of his tights and hit Cody in the head with it.


Up next is a very curious match, as Pac battles Orange Cassidy. This is going to be better than people might think. Orange Cassidy is really a good wrestler when he gets “fired up.”

Then again, Pac is one of the best wrestlers in the world today.

Orange Cassidy even got some lame confetti and sparklers instead of pyro. This is his first-ever singles match in AEW.

Pac’s expression when Orange Cassidy hit a wrestling move on his was priceless.

Orange showed a lot of guts when Pac took the advantage, but that made Pac mad. Pac hist a brainbuster from the top turnbuckle and then refused for the three count.

Pac tried for the Black Arrow but Orange Cassidy rolled across the ring and out the other side. Pac rolled him back into the ring and tried it from the other side but Orange just rolled out of the ring again.

Pac rolled Cassidy back in and Orange kept rolling. Pac went to the other side to stop him and Cassidy just smiled at him and started rolling back the other way.

Cassidy then kipped up, hit the body press outside the ring and started running. He hit the DDT and got two on Pac.


Cassidy is fired up. He hit the Stun Gun Millionaire. He went up top and then Pac hit the ropes to stop the onslaught.

Orange hit the DDT from the top buckle, went back up and hit a flying Diamond DDT, but this time Pac rolled out of the ring. This match is surprisingly really good.

Orange hit the Air Raid Crash for a two and a half count.

The Lucha Brothers ran down and attacked the Besat Friends. The distraction allowed Pac to lock in the Brutalizer for the win.

That was really good.

The main event is next for the AEW World Championship with Chris Jericho defending his title against Jon Moxley.

Remember when Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins had a blood feud and then just wrestled? Moxley and Jericho just started beating the heck out of each other in this match.

They fought into the stands, but Aubrey Edwards refused to call off the match with a DQ finish, which was refreshing.

By the way, Santana and Ortiz are at ringside with Chris Jericho.

Moxley even bit at Jericho’s stitches, but then Moxley was sent into the ring post head first, and he was the first man bleeding.

Jericho then hit the powerbomb on Moxley onto the ring bell.

The two brawled in a hard-fought match.

Moxley had Jericho locked in the Boston Crab when Jake Hager ran down. Moxley broke the hold and then Jericho hit the Code Breaker on Moxley.

Jericho locked in the Walls of Jericho but Moxley got out of the hold.

Jericho started shoving Aubrey Edwards, and he is trying to get disqualified but she won’t do it. After that, Hager hit Moxkley so Edwards threw out Hager, Santana, and Ortiz.

Then, while she was getting them out of there, Sammy Guevara ran in from the crowd and hit Moxley with the title belt before running off without being seen.

Moxley kicked out at two.

Jericho went for the Judas Effect but Moxley was able to hit the Paradigm Shift.

Then, Moxley took off the eye patch and he was faking the blindness the entire time.

Moxley with the Paradigm Shift for the three count, and Jon Moxley is the new AEW World Champion!

AEW Dynamite returns on Wednesday night at 8/7c on TNT.

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