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AEW review, results, and grades: AEW title changes hands, Jeff Cobb makes debut

AEW review, results, and grades: AEW title changes hands, Jeff Cobb makes debut
Jeff Cobb debuted on AEW Dynamite. Pic credit: AEW

Tonight on AEW Dynamite, fans saw something they only witnessed one other time in AEW history and a huge free agent made their debut with the company.

To say this was a huge night for AEW is an understatement.

AEW Dynamite results and grades

  • AEW Tag Team Championship: Kenny Omega and Adam Page beat SCU (*** 1/2)
  • Dustin Rhodes beat Sammy Guevara (***)
  • AEW Women’s Championship: Nyla Rose beat Riho (***)
  • MJF beat Jungle Boy (***)
  • Jon Moxley beat Santana (***)

The Dark Order

The first match on the show saw the AEW tag team championship on the line. The match itself was really good, but there was never a question as it included four of AEW’s top stars.

However, the match was almost overshadowed by the Dark Order.

Before the match, they threatened both teams and claimed there were more than just four of them. This caused Christopher Daniels to say he was going to the back to make sure they didn’t attack.

That made no sense, and it reminded me — Christopher Daniels is the Fallen Angel and his original gimmick in 2002 Ring of Honor was as a man who led people to follow him.

Could Christopher Daniels be the Exalted One?

After the match, The Dark Order came down to attack but the locker room cleared out with all the tag teams that will take part in a tournament to determine the challengers at the next AEW PPV, Revolution on Feb. 29.

Everyone fought and The Young Bucks stood tall.

But, who is the leader of the Dark Order — Christopher Daniels or someone like Matt Hardy?

Stay tuned.

AEW Women’s Championship

While the men’s tag team titles did not change hands, the AEW Women’s Championship did.

Nyla Rose beat Riho for the AEW women’s title.

While Rose has been mediocre since she started in AEW, she put on a great match with Riho and finally beat the champion to win the title.

The question now is who will step up and take the belt from Nyla Rose?

Sammy Guevara still can’t win

Sammy Guevara is an interesting story. He is someone who kisses up to Chris Jericho all the time and then when he wrestles, he almost never wins.

Tonight, he fought Dustin Rhodes and lost cleanly.

It was a great match, but it was one that made Guevara still look like the weak link of The Inner Circle. Even worse, the match only existed to set up Dustin Rhodes vs. Jake Hagar at Revolution.

Guevara deserves better … unless they plan on Jericho cutting him as dead weight if he keeps losing matches.

MJF is the worst — in the best way

There is not a heel outside of Chris Jericho that is better at what he does in the ring than MJF.

The guy just oozes arrogance and the fans naturally love to hate him. He is an old-school heel who does everything right.

Jungle Boy is so beloved that the two were a perfect matchup. Watching MJF in this match was like watching old-school guys like a Ric Flair or Tully Blanchard when it comes to making the babyface look fantastic while showing that they will do anything to win.

He is only 23, but MJF is a future world champion. He is that good at his role.

Chris Jericho vs. Jon Moxley, the debut of Jeff Cobb

Chris Jericho will fight Jon Moxley at AEW Revolution and their feud is just brilliant in painting Jericho as the delusional heel.

The fact that Jericho put out Moxley’s eye and then acted like Mox was a monster for doing the exact same thing to Santana was hilarious. The fact that he has Santana following in his footsteps is brilliant.

The match between Santana and Moxley was pretty solid, as the two men tried to sell not being right in the ring due to only having half their vision.

The beatdown at the end was great as well.

However, the debut of Jeff Cobb was a monster surprise. Jericho announced Cobb was coming next week as a mercenary, but when he showed up at the end to layout Moxley, it was just a great surprise.

The fans loved it. Imagine what will happen with Luke Harper shows up next month.

All in all, it was a great ending to a very enjoyable AEW Dynamite.

AEW Dynamite airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on TNT.

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