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AEW President Tony Khan talks about AEW competing with WWE

AEW President Tony Khan talks about AEW competing with WWE
Jon Moxley left WWE for AEW. Pic credit: AEW

After AEW Double or Nothing aired last night, AEW president Tony Khan talked to the media about his company and WWE.

While many fans online have chosen to take sides and only want to support AEW or WWE and believe the other should die, Khan has a much more diplomatic and business-smart answer to the competition.

According to Khan, the world of professional wrestling is better off if both AEW and WWE are successful.

“I hope their shows are great because at the best times in wrestling, honestly, everyone was doing great stuff because there was a time 20 years ago where all the shows were great,” Khan said. “Maybe 21 years ago. ’98 was a really good year. I think we can get there again.”

Of course, that was during the Monday Night Wars where WCW was getting great television ratings with the nWo and that forced WWE to improve their product and create the Attitude Era.

Before that, both WWE and WCW were putting out subpar products and WWE was actually in danger of going under. Then when WCW created Monday Nitro and then shook up the wrestling world with the arrival of the nWo, WWE started putting out a stronger product as well.

That resulted in the biggest boom in wrestling history.

When it comes to Cody Rhodes taking a shot at WWE with the throne and sledgehammer angle, Khan said it was great and the competition just “fuels our fire” to put out the best shows possible.

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