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AEW hints start date for Wednesday Night Dynamite on this week’s Being the Elite

AEW hints start date for Wednesday Night Dynamite on this week's Being the Elite
Mick Foley makes an appearance on Being the Elite. Pic credit: Being the Elite/YouTube

With no television show until this autumn, AEW has pushed their storylines through their popular YouTube shows, including the original Being the Elite and specific shows based on upcoming PPV events.

The new episode of Being the Elite hit today and eagle-eyed fans might have just spotted the date that AEW Wednesday Night Dynamite will premiere on TNT.

The episode started with The Young Bucks working on what they called “long-term booking” which was, humorously, just them with pieces of notebook paper.

The camera takes a quick glimpse at the paper and the Bucks cross off the name “Good Brothers,” which played off WWE re-signing Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson to long-term contracts.

The other things on The Young Bucks list included “who should we bury?,” “Oct. 2,” “MORE comedy?,” and then three lines making fun of the Cody Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes emotional segment at Double or Nothing (this is a running joke with Matt Jackson tired of hearing about the moment).

Most of the things on the list was comedy, but the one thing to take note of is “Oct. 2.”

Jim Ross previously said that the new AEW TV show was coming possibly in October. WWE SmackDown Live moves to Fox on Friday, October 4.

This caused people to suspect that AEW Wednesday Night Dynamite would debut on Wednesday, October 2 and it sounds like AEW will, in fact, premiere two days before SmackDown Live moves.

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