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AEW Fyter Fest recap, results and grades: Jon Moxley delivers a huge extreme hardcore match

AEW Fyter Fest recap
AEW Fyter Fest is the second major event for the new wrestling company. Pic credit: AEW

The second AEW match is here and this time it is free for viewers to watch. This is AEW Fyter Fest from Daytona, Florida.

There were three matches on the Buy-In show.

SCU vs. The Best Friends vs. Private Party

It is shocking that this three-way tag team match is on the pre-show. It is a free PPV, so why would they lead off with this match — which the winner receives a bye in the upcoming tag team title tournament.

SCU in this match is Scorpio Sky and Kaz. Best Friends is Chuck Taylor and Trent Barreta. This is Private Party’s debut in AEW (Young Bucks specifically chose to sign them from the indies).

Strangely, the announcers were very disrespectful of Private Party, claiming they were not up to the level of the other two teams and basically saying they were not worthy. Of course, right after this, Mark Quinn tagged himself in and then Private Party started running wild and the fans got behind them.

However, that led to SCU and Best Friends working together to brutalize the young team before they then started fighting each other again.

The Best Friends won with Strong Zero, but honestly, in the loss, Private Party were made into stars.

After the match, the Dark Order (the former Super Smash Bros, who made their debut at Double or Nothing with the minions) showed up on the big screen and called out the Best Friends — “All Hail the Dark Order.”

The lights went out and when they came back on, the Dark Order Minions surrounded the ring. The lights went out again and when they came back on, the Minions were gone.

Winners: The Best Friends (*** 1/2)

Allie vs. “The Librarian” Leva Bates

This was supposed to be Kylie Ray vs. Leva Bates but Allie is wrestling instead. There was no reason given.

The end came when the “The Librarian” Peter Avalon tried to hand Leva a book but then tossed it to Allie. Allie then tossed the book to Leva and superkicked her for the win.

Bates was slow and didn’t look very good in this match.

Winner: Allie (*)

Hardcore Match: Michael Nakazawa vs. CEO Alex Jebailey

Not sure about this match. Alex Jebailey is the founder and CEO of CEO Gaming, one of the hosts of this show for AEW. Michael Nakazawa is mostly a comedy wrestler but has shown to be great when the need arises.

Will he pull a good match out of a non-wrestler. The two fought last year and Jebailey won.

Michael Nakazawa uses his baby oil and it becomes a joke match before the two start using actual weapons.

Honestly, this was a match that was for the fans in attendance (a lot of gamers since this is in conjunction with a gaming convention).

Jebailey pulls out a bag of push buttons with his face on them. He then drops Nakazawa onto them and then grabs a kendo stick and starts to hit Nakazawa.

Jebailey then kicks Nakazawa in the nuts but when he went for the cradle, the referee was distracted. Nakazawa then locked in the Venom Tentacles for the win.

Winner: Michael Nakazawa (*)

It is time for the main card to officially start.

Jon Moxley came on and told the officials to leave the hardcore stuff at ringside and tonight people will learn who he really is.

Christopher Daniels vs. CIMA

While SCU was on the pre-show, Christopher Daniels was the opening match on the main show and he faced a man who came into the sport at the same time that he did in the ’90s in CIMA.

This is a match between two of the best wrestlers of the last two decades. 20 years ago, Ultimo Dragon trained CIMA and 20 years ago, he and Daniels wrestled for the first time in Japan.

The two put on a wrestling clinic and CIMA won with the Meteora in just under 10 minutes. The right guy won since CIMA fights Kenny Omega at Fight for the Fallen.

Winner: CIMA (***)

Nyla Rose vs. Riho vs. Yuka Sakazaki

While Brandi Rhodes said that the women will be more than just multi-women matches, the main match on the show for the women is — once again — a multi-woman match.

Riho was at Double or Nothing and was on the winning team in a six-woman match. Yuka Sakazaki was on the losing team in that same match. Nyla Rose was in the four-corners match on Double or  Nothing.

This was a match where the two smaller wrestlers tried to match up to the overwhelming power of Nyla Rose.

Rose seemed to showboat too much which cost her a few pinfall attempts. There was a nice move where Rose went to the top buckle and hit Riho with a flying knee (Riho was stuck on top of the ropes for too long to make that realistic).

There was a better moment where Riho went for a flying bodypress but Rose caught her. Then Yuka went up and Rose caught her too and held both women before the two pushed their weight to topple Rose.

At the 13-minute mark, Nyla Rose went for the Beast Bomb but Riho wrapped her up in a cradle and got the pinfall win.

Nyla Rose attacked after the match and tried to hit the Beast Bomb on Riho before Yuka saved her from the attack. Despite this, Riho shoved down Yuka and she left looking sad.

Winner: Riho (***)

Hangman Adam Page vs. MJF vs. Jimmy Havoc vs. Jungle Boy

Kip Sabien joined the commentators for the match. Sabien faces the winner of this match at AEW Fight for the Fallen.

MJF comes out and Jim Ross said that MJF reminds him of a young Paul Heyman from when JR used to work with him in WCW. MJF is easily the best heel in AEW.

LOL.  He said that the crowd’s mother’s — who they still live in the basement of — swallows. If he wanted to know about their lives, he would watch My 600-lb Life. He also said he used to love video games too until he lost his virginity.

Jungle Boy comes out on the shoulders of Luchasauras, which is brilliant (seriously, watch Being the Elite on YouTube). “A boy and his dinosaur.”

Hangman Adam Page gets pyro.  Nice

Dang, Luke Perry’s kid (Jungle Boy) can fly. He is very impressive. On the other hand, Jimmy Havoc is very violent in every move he makes, and MJF is the perfect opportunist. With that said, Adam Page is a legit star as far as the fans are concerned.

Honestly, Adam Page and MJF is the top heel and face of AEW’s future.

The end came when Adam Page tossed MJF out of the ring and then pinned Jimmy Havoc with the Dead Eye.

Jungle Boy looked great and MJF is such a brilliant heel. Havoc did little to note, though.

Winner: Adam Page (*** 1/2)

Cody Rhodes vs. Darby Allin

Cody Rhodes beat his brother Dustin Rhodes at AEW Double or Nothing. This is Darby Allin’s debut in AEW. Cody teams with Dustin at Fight for the Fallen to take on the Young Bucks.

Darby Allin came to the ring with a body bag with Cody 1-1 written on it. Cody gets fire shooting from the stage. He also gets pyro.

LOL.  Cody still can’t use Cody Rhodes because of WWE so he comes to the ring as Cody with Brandi Rhodes.

This doesn’t happen often, but Cody played the big man in this match, overpowering the smaller Darby and forcing Darby to play the underdog fighting the stronger opponent. With that said, Cody’s offense went on for a bit too long causing the match to drag a bit.

However, Cody hurt his hand early in the match and that allowed the story told when Darby finally got the advantage to see him punishing Cody by working on that injured hand.

There was a point in the match that was hard to watch. Darby went to the top buckle and dropped down back first but Cody moved and Darby hit the corner of the ring (the hardest part of the ring) back first. That was painful.

Cody put Darby Allin in the body bag and then hit a kick on him, but Darby kicked out.

Should point out that there is actually time limits in AEW (20 minutes for all matches so far) and all night, the announcer reveals the 10 minutes remaining and the five minutes remaining marks.

This match went to the 20-minute draw. With one minute left, Darby hit the Stunner and then Cody hit the Cross Rhodes but neither man could get the pin. Rhodes could have gotten the pin but time ran out before the three count.

The match really dragged the first 10 minutes but the second 10 minutes was great. Jim Ross was amazing in this match when it comes to building up Darby Allin.

After the match, Cody Rhodes asked for more time. However, Shawn Spears (Tye Dillinger from WWE) came down to the ring. Cody and Spears were friends in the WWE developmental system.

Spears had a chair and hit Cody in the head — an unprotected hair shot and Cody is busted completely open. MJF and SCU came to the ring together. The fact that MJF is a heel and came down to check on Cody sells the moment.

This is great storytelling (although unprotected chair shots are not needed in professional wrestling today). With that said, this came off as a realistic angle and shows AEW knows how to tell great stories.

Also, the chair was supposed to be “gimmicked” — which means it should not have busted Cody open. However, from the look of it, the bottom of the backrest of the chair is what accidentally connected with Cody’s head.


Winner: DRAW (*** 1/2)

The Elite vs. Lucha Bros and Laredo Kid

The Elite is The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega. This is Laredo Kid’s debut in AEW.

The Young Bucks came out dressed as Ken and Ryu from Street Fighter. Some dude ran up the ramp and started acting like a but. The lights went out and when they came on, Kenny Omega was there and the guy was knocked out. Omega is Akuma from Street Fighter.

As expected, this was a match that is impossible to recap for anyone who wants to try. These guys were just non-stop crazy.

I do want to say that they did the Hadouken (you need to know Street Fighter to understand that). Jim Cornette had to hate that one.

Young Bucks and Lucha Bros are still the top two teams in AEW and this is their third fight in the last two months, with Young Bucks winning at Double or Nothing and Lucha Bros winning in Mexico.

There was also a Superkick Party and everyone had a ticket.

The fans chanted “fight forever” but this has a 30 minutes limit. This match was insane. The end came when Omega hit the One-Winged Angel to pin Laredo Kid.

Kenny Omega won as he heads on toward his world title opportunity at All Out while the Young Bucks and Lucha Bros are still the top two teams in AEW.

Winners: The Elite (**** 1/2)

Non-Sanctioned Match: Jon Moxley vs. “Bad Boy” Joey Janela

Jon Moxley can’t be happy to have left WWE right now. This match was a true hardcore match like nothing WWE has done in over a decade — and it will make Extreme Rules look tame by comparison.

Joey Janela said before the match that Moxley is a PG-rated hardcore wrestler after WWE. Moxley proved otherwise.

Moxley brought in a chair wrapped with barbed wire on it and slammed Janela onto it. Just as the fans chanted “you sick f**k” Janela got it and started to beat the hell out of Moxley’s back with it, cutting Moxley open.

Then, Moxley brought a table in the ring covered with barbed wire and it was Janela who reverses it and sent Moxley back first into the barbed wire table and then dragged him through it.

Moxley then set up two tables side by side on the floor. Janela brought a ladder into the ring and slammed Moxley onto the table, climbed to the top of the ladder and dove off with a flying elbow drop.

Seriously, Moxley showed he would do anything and put his body through anything. It also made Janela look like a massive star.

Janela then brought out another barbed wire table and set it up across the ring and the front row barrier. This time, it was Moxley who took the advantage and tossed Joey out of the ring through the table.

This was classic hardcore.

Moxley then brought in a bad of thumbtacks and spread them around the ring. He then took off Janela’s wrestling boots and socks. Janela dodged being dropped feet first on them so Moxley hit a side slam to Janela on them. Then, Moxley dropped Janela feet first onto the thumbtacks. Jeez…

Joey Janela then flipped on Moxley again, proving to be psychotic. Moxley brought out more thumbtacks and then hit a giant Double Underhook DDT onto the thumbtacks and it was over. Moxley even had thumbtacks in his back after that DDT.

Winner: Jon Moxley (****)

After that match, Jon Moxley couldn’t get up and was hurt.

Kenny Omega ran down and attacked Jon Moxley in revenge for the attack at the end of AEW Double or Nothing.

He hit a DDT through a table lying on the floor. Omega than put Moxley between two tables on the floor and then dived off the ring with both feet onto the table.

Omega dragged Moxley to the back and took a mic stand and smashed Moxley with it. He also grabbed an electric guitar and smashed it over Moxley’s back.

Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley will fight at AEW All Out in August.

Two referees were helping Moxley to the back after that. He then threw them down and then Omwega ran back out with a metal trashcan and beat the hell out of him with it. Omega then hit the DDT to Moxley onto a trashcan.

Jon Moxley was actually smiling as he laid out on the floor in pain to end the show.

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