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AEW Full Gear recap, results, and grades: Rhodes vs. Jericho, Moxley vs. Omega

AEW Full Gear recap, results, and grades
AEW Full Gear arrived again for wrestling fans. Pic credit: AEW

AEW last held a PPV in August with All Out and then kicked off their weekly television show AEW Dynamite in October. Now, one month later, it was time for their next PPV, AEW Full Gear.

Cody Rhodes challenged for the AEW world title, Kenny Omega battled Jon Moxley, and PAC took on Adam Page in the big event.

Here is the AEW Full Gear recap, results, and grades for the huge pay-per-view event.

The AEW Buy-In

There was a 30-minute preview before the Buy-In matches.

The announcers for the AEW Buy-In are TAZ, Excalibur, and Goldenboy.

Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. (2-1, 4-2) vs. Bea Priestley (0-0, 1-2)

Dr. Britt Baker and Bea Priestley have been feuding since Priestley gave Baker a concussion in a match at Fight for the Fallen. Britt Baker is ranked #2 on the first women’s AEW rankings.

The women went for well over 10 minutes. Priestley dominated a lot of the match and showed some good stuff in her first singles match in AEW. However, Baker won the match with the Lock Jaw submission.

The only real problem here was that the two were moving in slow motion a lot of the match and it wasn’t as smooth as it could have been.

Regardless, this puts Baker at 3-1 and will likely put her in line for the next women’s title shot.

Winner: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. (**)

After the match, the lights went out and Brandi Rhodes came out with a new entrance alongside Awesome Kong.

Bea Priestley was alone in the ring at this time. Kong came in and hit Brie with a spinning back fist. Kong then handed Brandi a knife and then dropped Bea with the

Brandi gave Kong the knife back and then held a chunk of Priestley’s hair and Kong cut off a big chunk of Priestley’s hair and then took it as a trophy.

The official AEW Full Gear PPV started next.

Jim Ross came out to join Excalibur (JR was missing the OU game tonight, which is huge for him).

The Young Bucks (3-2, 6-3) vs. Proud and Powerful (1-0, 2-0)

Proud and Powerful is Santana and Ortiz, who wrestled as LAX in Impact Wrestling. Jim Ross threw shade at Impact, saying working in the indies is different than being on the global stage with AEW.

The Rock N Roll Express were in the front row for this match.

The two teams put on an amazing match with both teams getting in a ton of offense. They went for 21 minutes.

What is crazy is that Santana and Ortiz hit the Street Sweeper on Nick Jackson and pinned him cleanly with the three count. The fact that they got the clean win without cheating was huge for the team.

Proud and Powerful kicked the crap out of the Young Bucks after the match as Sammy Guevera came to the ring with his camera phone liveblogging it. They pulled out a loaded sock.

The Rock N Roll Express came into the ring to even the odds. Ricky Morton hit the Canadian Destroyer!!!!  He then hit a tope outside the ring on the Inner Circle. Ricky Morton is 63.

Winners: Proud and Powerful (****)

PAC (3-0-1, 3-1-1) vs. Hangman Adam Page (3-2, 5-4)

These two men were supposed to fight at All Out but PAC delayed joining AEW due to prior commitments with Dragon Gate as its champion.

Instead, Page got a world title opportunity where he lost to Chris Jericho. PAC has only lost one match, a tag team match where Jon Moxley walked out on him.

In the AEW men’s rankings, PAC is ranked second and Page is third, so it is assumed the winner here is next in line for the world title.

PAC is so smooth and crisp in the ring. When working with PAC, it almost looks like Page is moving in slow motion. However, Page is stocky and strong and this was a nice contrast with the fans all behind Page.

This was a hard-hitting match and Page’s body showed the bumps he took here. These guys just put on a great back and forth and were able to anticipate each other’s moves.

Pac locked in the Brutalizer (the move he beat Kenny Omega with). Page made it to the ropes. PAC went up but missed the Red Arrow. Page then hit the lariat and got PAC up and hit the Dead Eye for the upset victory over PAC.

Winner: Adam Page (*** 1/2)

Shawn Spears (2-2, 3-2) vs. Joey Janella (1-2, 2-3)

The lights all went out, and, when they came on, Shawn Spears was sitting in his chair at the entrance. He had Tully Blanchard with him as his manager still.

Spears had a shirt that says “no more garbage wrestling.” Janella wanted to prove that he is more than a hardcore wrestler (which is what Spears’ shirt references).

This feud started when Janella showed no respect toward Blanchard and then Spears brutalized Janella in an AEW Dark match. Earl Hebner was the referee.

Shawn Spears actually tied Janella’s hair to the ring tag ropes, which was brilliant.

Tully Blanchard was there as a perfect manager, distracting Janella when the Bad Boy was getting the advantage. However, the best moment came at the end when Blanchard distracted Earl Hebner while Spears took off the turnbuckle padding.

While Earl Hebner was putting it back on, Shawn Spears took Janella up for a piledriver on the floor and Blanchard dived down with a spike assist to help Spears win.

Spears then hit the Death Valley Driver.

Winner: Shawn Spears (** 1/2)

Kip Sabian was backstage doing an interview about why he chose to turn bad. He brought in Penelope Ford as his new valet/manager.

AEW Tag Team Championship: So-Cal Uncensored (3-2, 7-3) vs. Lucha Bros (4-2, 5-3) vs. Private Party (3-2)

Private Party earned their way into this match by beating Dark Matter on AEW Dynamite last week. Lucha Bros are the number one contenders and Private Party is the number two contenders.

There is no way to really go into everything that happens when these teams wrestle. Ray Fenix is so great. However, as great as Private Party is going to be, they still take too much time to set up their moves.

The end came with the Lucha Bros on the outside of the ring and SCU hit the SCU-Later for the win to retain their titles.

After the match, Penta attacked SCU. He prepared to take out Kaz like he did Christopher Daniels but the lights went out. When they came back on, there were two Penta’s in the ring.

One of them took out the other and then took out Fenix. He took off the mask and it was Christopher Daniels back from injury, with the Fallen Angel eye paint. He went after them with a chair.

Winners: SCU (*** 1/2)

AEW Women’s Championship: RIHO (4-0, 6-2) vs. Emi Sakura (1-0, 2-2)

Emi Sakura is the number one contender for the women’s title. She is also the woman who trained RIHO and brought her into professional wrestling.

RIHO is a perfect underdog champion and can suck the audience into her story so easily. However, this match just seemed a little too long and most of that was Emi’s style of wrestling.

RIHO won with a Japanese Clutch to keep her title.

Winner: RIHI (**)

AEW World Championship: Chris Jericho (3-0, 6-0) vs. Cody Rhodes (4-0, 5-1)

If Cody Rhodes lost this match, he said he would never challenge for the AEW world title again. If the match went to a one-hour draw, there would be three judges to determine the winner.

The judges for the title match in case of a draw were Dean Malenko, Arn Anderson, and The Great Muta.

Cody Rhodes came to the ring with MJF by his side. Cody’s mother is in the front row.

Chris Jericho came to the ring with Jake Hager by his side.

Cody Rhodes dominated the early part of the match but things took a turn when Cody went over the top rope and missed Jericho, landing on his head and busting his forehead open.

With Cody bleeding and getting weaker, Cody took the advantage especially after Hager interfered. Jericho just brutalized Cody for a long stretch.

However, Jericho made a mistake when he went out and got in Cody’s mom’s face and she slapped him. Cody then fired up. He took control until Hager interfered again.

Aubrey Edwards didn’t see it happen, but she knew something happened so she threw Hager out. MJF taunted him, so Hager destroyed MJF and that distracted the referee.

Chris Jericho used his title to smash it into Jericho’s head and then he dropped down as well so the referee wouldn’t know. Jericho then crawled over for the pin but Cody kicked out.

Jericho missed the Judas Effect and Cody hit the Cross Rhodes but Jericho kicked out at two. Cody even hit his dad’s Bionic Elbow for a two count.

Chris Jericho then put Cody in the Lion Tamer and bent back so MJF threw in the towel for Cody, costing him the match. This means Cody can never get another world title opportunity in AEW.

The Inner Circle is out to celebrate with Chris Jericho.

The fans are chanting “you f’d up” and MJF is in tears in the middle of the ring. MFJF said he was sorry and when Cody forgave him, MJF kicked him in the balls and left Cody lying in the ring.

MJF HEEL TURN! He is now the most hated wrestler in AEW. Perfection.

Winner: Chris Jericho (****)

Light’s Out Match: Kenny Omega vs. Jon Moxley

There were no rules in this match. It was also unsanctioned so the win or loss here would not count on their records.

They started off perfectly. Too many times, wrestlers come into a blood feud and then chain wrestle (see Ambrose vs. Rollins in WWE). They just started beating the hell out of each other to start this match.

They fought into the stands, They used a trash can. Then Moxley brought in his barbed wire baseball bat. He delivered it in Omega’s back more than once.

The blood started flowing out of Omega’s back and then he put it on Omega’s back and used his foot to roll it across his back. The fans chanted “you sick fu*k.”

Omega finally stopped it with a trashcan shot to Moxley’s head and then dropped Mox with a piledriver onto the trashcan.

Omega then got the barbed wire bat but didn’t want to use it. He went out and got out a table. He then pulled out his barbed wire broom (see, he’s the cleaner).

Moxley tried to hit the suicide dive but Moxley hit him in the head with the barbed wire broom to stop him and then he went to work on Mox’s back with the broom and now Moxley is a bloody mess.

Omega then started to scrape the barbed wire across Moxley’s forehead. Omega also hit a moonsault from the ropes with a trashcan.

Omega then pulled out a giant board with a ton of preset mouse traps on it and slid it in the ring.

Ironically, Moxley was able to slam Omega onto the board so he was the one who took multiple mousetrap snaps.

Moxley then brought a giant anchor chain into the ring. He then gathered them all up into a pile and hit the sidewalk slam on them. Mox then used the chains to lock in a cross face.

Moxley then brought a screwdriver into the ring. Omega fought back and blocked the stabbing attempt but Mox hit the snapdragon suplex to Omega onto the chains.

Moxley then wrapped the chains around Omega’s neck and tried to hang Omega over the top rope by the neck but Omega hit a pair of snapdragon suplexes onto Moxley to take the offense again.

Omega then wrapped the chain around Moxley’s neck. He then hung Moxley by his neck over the top rope. Mox lost the grip on the chain due to blood and that saved him.

Omega then hit the suicide dive onto Moxley over the top rope and both men went through a table that was set up earlier in the match.

Moxley went back into the ring and then Omega brought in a bag of broken glass. He used one piece to cut Mox in between the fingers. Ouch! Omega then dumped all the slivers of glass into the middle of the ring.

Omega then hit the sitdown spinebuster onto the broken glass. Omega then dragged Mox across the broken glass and then turned it over into the Sharpshooter. Mox had to crawl through broken glass to get to the ropes to break the hold.

This was so hard to watch.

Moxley then shoved a bunch of glass into Moxley’s mouth and then hit two V-Triggers into Moxley’s face. Moxley got out of the ring and Omega grabbed the screwdriver and went after Moxley. Omega drove it into Moxley’s head.

Kenny Omega then yelled for the Young Bucks and Adam Page to “bring it” but they didn’t want to. Omega begged them to so they finally agreed to it. They brought out a giant construct with barbed wire spread all over it.

Moxley saw it coming and he ended up suplexing Omega onto the construct, both men going through all the barbed wire. OH MY GOD!

The officials needed to find a way to get them out of the barbed wire, which was sticking to both men’s bodies. Once Mox and Omega were out, they started to fight again.

Kenny then hit the V-Trigger onto Moxley through part of the set design. Mox came out first and then Omega. They went back to the ring and then Moxley hit the Paradign Shift into the glass but Omega kicked out at two.

Moxley then got a knife and started to cut the canvas ties away from the ring. Mox then pulled the canvas up, exposing the padding and then pulled up the padding to leave just the wooden part of the ring.

Omega then dropped Moxley with the DDT onto the wood, but Mox kicked out at two. Omega went for the Phoenix Splash onto Moxley, but missed and went hard into the wood.

Jon Moxley then hit a very high elevated Paradigm Shift onto the wood and finally won the match.

Winner: Jon Moxley (**** 1/2)

AEW will be back on Wednesday night with AEW Dynamite at 8/7c.

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