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AEW Fight for the Fallen PPV recap, results, and grades: AEW raises $150,000 for victims of gun violence

AEW Fight for the Fallen PPV recap
AEW Fight for the Fallen was the company’s third PPV. Pic credit: AEW

AEW held their third PPV event on Saturday night with Fight for the Fallen. The event was held to raise money for victims of gun violence in Jacksonville and featured two dream matches for fans of professional wrestling.

Here is a look at the recap, results, and grades for AEW Fight for the Fallen.

“The Librarian” Peter Avalon w/ Leva Bates vs. Sonny Kiss

The Librarians came out for the first match of the Byu-In and the fans are booing them and hate them. The fans all chanted “you suck.” Avalon took the mic and said he had something to say.

Before he could talk, Sonny Kiss came out and danced with the Jacksonville Jaguars cheerleaders on the stage. Fans liked Sonny Kiss a lot more than Peter Avalon, that is for sure.

Sonny Kiss won the match with a split-legged drop from the top turnbuckle. The match was not great and Avalon got almost no offense.

What is disappointing was that Kiss was great in Lucha Underground but his moves in this match were far from impactful.

Winner: Sonny Kiss (* 1/2)

Backstage, Cody Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes were interviewed (there was a mishap here as the announcers said it was Kip Sapien). Cody talked about how they are donating the money to victims of gun violence and that got a lot of cheers.

Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. and RIHO vs. Shoko Nakajima and Bea Priestley

This is Shoko and Priestley’s AEW debuts.

The match was really good, although it took a bit to get moving. RIHO is beloved and the fans hated Bea Priestley (in a good heel hating way).

It almost looked like it might go to a 20-minute draw but Shoko Nakajima got the pin with a nice Ste-Up Hurricanrana for the win.

After the match, Priestley and Baker started fighting again and had to be separated.

Winners: Shoko Nakajima (** 1/2)

Backstage with Kip Sabian. He sends a message to Adam Page and lets him know that he is tired of being overlooked and he plans to be first in line when he bests him tonight.

That was a great promo.

Jim Ross is out to BOOMER SOONER and it is time to start the official Fight for the Fallen PPV.

MJF and Sammy Guevara and Shawn Spears vs. Darby Allin and Jimmy Havoc and Joey Janela

Shawn Spears wants to be known as The Chairman, which is based on him hitting Cody Rhodes with the chair at Fyter Fest. This is interesting because MJF was angry at that chair shot and is now teaming with Spears.

MJF won’t even stand close to Shawn Spears.

Also ironic is that it was Darby Allin that went to a draw with Cody before that chair shot at Fyter Fest. Sammy Guevara is really wanting to get at Allin before the rest of his team are out.

As for Joey Janela, he had his star-turning moment last PPV in his unsanctioned match with Jon Moxley.

MJF is totally arrogant and was shown up a lot. Sonny Guevara is also very arrogant in the match but was a lot more successful. The first time that Spears got into the ring, Darby Allin wanted in (he wanted revenge for being upstaged by that chair shot), but Spears wouldn’t stay in the ring.

The fans LOVE Joey Janela and Darby Allin, proving that Fyter Fest made both men stars. They hate MJF and Shawn Spears.

Shawn Spears was an opportunist in this match and his work as a heel was miles better than anything he ever did as a babyface in WWE.

Soon, MJF and Shawn Spears got into each other’s faces and that caused things to break down for their team.

Jimmy Havoc pulled off an amazing move where he sent Guevara into the buckle and then stood on his back to hit the superplex onto MJF.

Sammy Guevara looked great. He had Darby Allin in the ring, hit a tope to Janela, then to Havoc, then to Janela again, and then ran back in and hit the Spanish Fly to Allin and almost got the pin.

Janela ended that offense when he dropped Guevera on the ring apron with the Death Valley Driver. Spears threw Guevera back in and tagged himself in and then hit the Death Valley Driver on Darby Allin for the win.

Winners: Shawn Spears, MJF and Sammy Guevera (*** 1/2)

Up next was a promo for the Brandi Rhodes vs. Allie match. Brandi opened up about doubting herself and needing to prove that she can succeed in wrestling.

Brandi Rhodes. vs. Allie

All that talk from Brandi Rhodes wanting to prove herself was BS as Awesome Kong came out to back up Brandi.

Allie was pissed and attacked immediately, but all the fans chanted “Awesome Kong.” Allie is watching Kong carefully, and her paying too much attention to Kong allowed Brandi to take a cheap shot.

Brandi Rhodes is clearly playing the role of the heel when it comes to her job as a wrestler. At one point, she grabs a bottle of water and pours it on Allie while Kong laughs in the background.

It took a while but Awesome Kong eventually interfered in the match.

Allie got mad when Awesome Kong pulled Brandi under the ropes to save a pin. Allie locked Brandi in the reverse dragon sleeper and Brandi tapped but the referee was distracted by Awesome Kong.

Brandi hit the spear with her surgically repaired clavicle (there is a steel plate in there) and won after that. The match was not bad considering Brandi’s inexperience as a wrestler.

Brandi then fed Allie to Awesome Kong, who tried to set her up for a powerbomb but then the music started and Aja Kong came out for the save.

OH MY GOD!!!!!

The referees came in and told Awesome Kong to leave. Awesome Kong kept bowing up to Aja Kong, who just stood there and no-sold everything. That was awesome.

Aja Kong helped Allie leave the ring.

Winner: Brandi Rhodes (** 1/2)

The Dark Order vs. Jack Evans and Angelico vs. Jungle Boy and Luchasauraus

This is the first time The Dark Order (formerly Super Smash Bros) have wrestled in AEW although they made appearances at both Double or Nothing and Fyter Fest.

The winners of this match will get to fight The Best Friends at All Out and the winner of that match will get a bye in the first round of the upcoming AEW tag team title tournament.

Dark Order had a chance to show what they were made of early on. The fans LOVE Jungle Boy and Lunchasauraus.

In a funny moment, Evil Uno, who is HUGE, saw Luchasauras in the ring, and immediately tagged Angelico, who then quickly tagged his own partner Jack Evans and tried to pump him up since no one else would tag in again until Luchasauras was out of the ring.

Marko Stunt actually interfered in the match to help Jungle Boy but the referee chose not to DQ anyone and just kicked him out of the ringside area.

Dark Order ended up winning with the Fatality by pinning Jungle Boy and now Dark Order will battle The Best Friends at All Out. Fans didn’t seem to care about Dark Order at all, although Grayson is really quite good.

Winners: Dark Order (***)

Kip Sabian vs. Hangman Adam Page

Adam Page will fight Chris Jericho at the main event of All Out to determine the first-ever AEW world champion.

This is one of those matches where it is not really worth recapping everything they do. Adam Page is as technically proficient as they come and Kip Sabian is just so exciting to watch.

This match slowed down the action and gave fans something different than what they had seen up to this point. It was a tough sell since Page was getting a world title shot next month and wouldn’t lose here, but the two guys did what they could to keep fans engaged.

The big story here was Kip Sabian proving that Adam Page might not be completely honest about his knee being 100-percent healed up. Page hit a flying moonsault later in the match onto the floor and immediately grabbed his knee.

Adam Page grabbed Kip Sabian and threw him like a lawn dart into the entrance walkway and Sabian started convulsing and somehow crawled back into the ring to beat the 10-count by one.

Adam Page hit a swinging neckbreaker from the top buckle with three minutes remaining and Sabian still kicked out. Amazing.

Sabian hit the dragon screw on Page with two minutes left and is really working that injured leg of Adam Page.

Adam Page then hit the Dead Eye and won the match in 19 minutes (there was only one minute left in the match). WOW! That match was amazing.

Winner: Adam Page (****)

After the match, one of the Dark Order creepers hit the ring and attacked Adam Page. It is obviously Chris Jericho, which was shown when he hit the Code Breaker.

He busted open Adam Page and then hit the Judas Effect elbow smash on him.

The fans chanted “thank you Jericho” which was the storyline of Jericho saying that everyone needed to thank him for AEW being a success. Jericho responded by flipping everyone off and walking out.

So-Cal Uncensored vs. Lucha Bros.

This is Frankie Kazarian and Scorpion Sky, and Christopher Daniels is coming to ringside with them.

This match was set up when So-Cal Uncensored said that the Young Bucks and Lucha Bros. battling for the title of the best tag team in the world was missing one very important team.

The Lucha Bros attacked Daniels during the match and he got involved after that. The referee threw out Daniels instead of disqualifying anyone. This is twice tonight, so this might be AEW showing how they deal with interference in their promotion.

There was never any doubt that this would be an incredible match. The best thing is that this was very different than the Young Bucks vs. Lucha Bros. and there is a huge talent pool with several different types of tag teams in AEW.

If you love tag team wrestling, AEW is going to be great.

This match was so good. Lucha Bros. finally got their first win since signing with AEW.

Christopher Daniels came in to check on his partners and the Lucha Bros. brought a ladder into the ring and beat up So-Cal Uncensored with the ladder.

Pentagon got a mix after the match while he and Ray Fenix climbed the ladder set up in the middle of the ring. Penta said they were the best tag team on the planet.

Ray Fenix then challenged the Young Bucks to a ladder match at All Out.

Winners: Lucha Bros (**** 1/2)

CIMA vs. Kenny Omega

This is an interesting stat. Kenny Omega has not won a singles match in AEW yet. CIMA beat Christopher Daniels at Fyter Fest.

CIMA is a veteran of almost 20 years and a win here is something Kenny Omega really needs before he heads to All Out to battle Jon Moxley.

Crazily, CIMA dominated a large portion early in the match and Omega did not get a lot of offense in at all early on.

This match was so different than everything else so far with Cima and Kenny Omega just telling a story with Cima fighting a smart match and Omega just trying to find a way to get any advantage possible.

Kenny Omega set up a strong solid table at ringside to use but it backfired. Cima laid Omega in the table and then climbed onto the balcony row and hit a diving double stomp onto Omega on the table. Ouch!

Kenny Omega actually kicked out from Cima’s Meteora. Cima went for a second Meteora but Omega caught him and launched him into the buckle.

Omega is now moving at super-speed and is trying to get the win. This match started out deliberate and the action just got faster as it continued on — a great paced match.

Cima slammed Omega on the ring apron and the fans chanted “you killed Kenny.” Cima has gotten so close to pinning Kenny Omega in this match. This PPV is building up numerous stars — whether they win or lose.

Cima was amazing but it was Omega who ended up winning with the One-Winged Angel. Honestly, Cima dominated this match but Omega made it one hell of a fight and this match lived up to all the hype.

Winner: Kenny Omega (**** 1/2)

It is time for Chris Jericho to come out with his Live Mic. He has his Judas music this week for his theme song so it looks like the money was paid to allow AEW to use it (Jericho said that he would pay it himself if he had to).

Chris Jericho still has Adam Page’s blood on his hands.

He then mocks the town’s name: “Jerksonville” and “Jackoffville.”

Jericho then said that since AEW didn’t personally thank him for their success, he will get his thanks by beating up everyone in AEW starting with Adam Page.

Jericho said that AEW would not be here without him and the TV deal on TNT in October was also thanks to him. No one would be there that night if it wasn’t for him.

Jericho said that he obviously beat Kenny Omega to get into the title match. He wondered who was going to fight him and mocked the guys in the battle royal. The fans start chanting “Hangman.”

Jericho then said Adam Page is one of the best performers he has seen in years and one of the best in AEW. Jericho said that he has to beat the Hangman because if he doesn’t, where does his career go from here?

Chris Jericho said that he will prove that The Hangman is just a “little bit*h” and Adam Page attacked Jericho. The producers and officials tried to stop him and Page and Jericho started to attack them to get at each other.

Finally, wrestlers came out(Christopher Daniels, Jack Evans, Angelico, Peter Avalon, Joey Janela, Jerry Lynn) and they were separated. Adam Page still has a bad gash on his eye from earlier.

This really sold their upcoming world title match at AEW All Out.

The Young Bucks vs. Cody and Dustin Rhodes

Cody and Dustin Rhodes are using the name The Brotherhood.

The Young Bucks changed things up in this match and didn’t rely on their high flying innovative offense. Instead, they played the roles of cocky heels and turned in a more rounded performance.

There were a lot of high points with the two teams fighting for over 20 minutes.

The Young Bucks ended up winning with the Meltzer Driver when they pinned Cody Rhodes.

After the match, the Young Bucks said that they never watched much of the other product but they now realize that the Rhodes’ are one of the best tag teams they ever faced.

Winners: The Young Bucks (****)

Before the Young Bucks could continue, music started and Shad Khan came out with Brandi, Kenny Omega, Luchsauraus, and Jungle Boy, holding a check for the event — $150,000 for the VAAC for the victims of gun violence in Jacksonville.

Cody: “You can’t counterprogram the love that is All Elite Wrestling. When we go to TNT this fall, are you coming with us?”

Kenny Omega then bid everyone adieu.

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