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AEW explains their win-loss system and how it is different than WWE

AEW explains their win-loss system and how it is different than WWE
The Young Bucks and Lucha Bros battled at AEW Double or Nothing. Pic credit: AEW

When AEW was preparing to launch their company and their first PPV in AEW Double or Nothing, they talked about what makes them different from WWE.

One thing was allowing wrestlers the creative freedom to develop their characters, similar to how WWE used to operate in the Attitude Era and before that. Another difference was introduced at the PPV with tag team matches to make them more exciting.

Another thing that AEW said would make them different was the fact that they believed that wins and losses should matter.

One of the things that many fans have complained about concerning WWE was how wins and losses don’t seem to matter. Some WWE superstars have even started saying it doesn’t matter who wins and loses matches in WWE.

AEW is changing that. The Young Bucks spoke to reporters after AEW Double or Nothing about what that means for the company.

“Well, for instance, Kenny’s not gonna be in the World Title match. He had a loss, so we’re gonna treat him like any other superstar that’s on the roster,” Nick Jackson said. “He’s gotta get a win back, you know what I mean?

In WWE, there will be a huge title match coming up and the challenger will lose matches before the huge bout, while the men who beat him are winning but not getting the chance to compete.

According to what the Young Bucks said — when a wrestler is losing, they should not expect rewards.

This even includes their major stars like Kenny Omega.

“We haven’t figured out a complete system, but Tony’s got great ideas and he’s so good with all these analytics, that we’re listening,” Nick said. “And we’re excited pursue it.”

AEW will start their weekly TV show this fall on TNT.

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