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AEW Dynamite recap, review, and grades: Chris Jericho in tag team action

AEW Dynamite recap, review, and grades: Chris Jericho in tag team action
Chris Jericho on AEW Dynamite. Pic credit: AEW

This week’s episode of AEW DYnamite opened with a look at what happened at AEW Full Gear. There was no mention of Kenny Omega vs. Jon Moxley.

This is because they specifically focused on Kenny Omega’s health following their match, which only used still images to show that happened. Omega was told to take a week off but Moxley is cleated.

Jon Moxley is out to open AEW Dynamite this week.

Jon Moxley vs. Michael Nakazawa

Michael Nakazawa is usually a comedy wrestler, but he was here following his friend Kenny Omega’s injuries. Nakazawa took out the baby oil and threw it away to show he is serious.

Moxley squashed Nakazawa and won with a big DDT.

Winner: Jon Moxley (NR/Squash)

Moxley had a mic. He asked if that win counted (since his win over Omega did not count on his record). He said he respects Omega for having the balls to step in the ring with him and he said no one else in AEW will have the balls to step in the ring with him. Moxley said he will scorch the Earth in AEW until he is the last man standing.

He issued an open challenge to anyone who wants to face him. He said that no one better ask him for apologies after what he does to the roster.

Dark Order vs. Jungle Boy and Marco Stunt

Hopefully, Luchasaurus is still hurt because while Marco Stunt is “interesting,” the big man is really missed when it comes to Jurassic Express.

There was a moment that ruined this match. Marco missed a leap to the top buckle for a headscissors. However, he missed and fell off. Grayson just stood there and watched until Marco went back up and hit it.

Dark Order then won when they took out Jungle Boy and then Grayson hit an ugly backbreaker onto Marco and then they won.

Winners: Dark Order (*)

After the match, Evil Uno got a mic and told everyone to give it up for Marco. He said people ridicule him every day but he shows promise.

He offered to give Marco Stunt purpose if he takes a creeper mask and becomes one with the Dark Order. Marco reached for the mask, but Jungle Boy stopped him.

Evil Uno said that he respects that, but then sicked his Creepers on Jurassic Express. The fans chanted “Luchasaurus” as they tried to put the mask on Jungle Boy.

Luchasaurus came out finally and destroyed Creepers.

He went into the ring and took out three Creepers with one kick and then Evil Uno ran while Luchasaurus killed Grayson.

Shawn Spears vs. Peter Avalon vs. Darby Allin and

Tully Blanchard was with Shawn Spears. He would battle someone the crowd loves to boo in Peter Avalon and he got very little talking time to garner heel heat.

However, the man there that the fans wanted to see was the third man in this match — Darby Allin.

In the middle of the match, Joey Janeela attacked Shawn Spears and the two fought into the audience, leaving Allin and Avalon.

Darby Allin then won with the Coffin Drop.

Winner: Darby Allin (**)

After the match, Darby Allin took a microphone and said: “Jon Moxley, I accept.”

Nyla Rose vs. Dani Jordan

Nyla won with the Beast Bomb. Nothing much to say here.

Winner: Nyla Rose (NR/Squash)

Dustin Rhodes is out for about three more weeks due to the moment Jake Hager smashed his hand in the car door.

Tony Schiavone was out to interview Allie, who is moving up the women’s rankings. The lights went out while they were talking and when they came on Awesome Kong and Brandi Rhodes were at the entrance.

Allie tried to take the attack to Awesome Kong, but Kong killed her and then Brandi cut a batch of her hair off as a prize for Kong.

Chris Jericho was out next. He cut a huge promo about the locker room owing him thanks and then he ran down Cody Rhodes again.

The lights went down and Cody’s entrance started and it was MJF who rose up from under the stage to Cody’s music.

MJF had something he needed to get off his chest. He said that if he hadn’t thrown in the towel, Cody’s career would be over. However, the fans were cheering for the real villain — Cody.

“Cody couldn’t give a sh*t about anyone of you because the real Cody only cares about himself.”

MJF said that he heard Jericho wanted him in the Inner Circle. Jericho said that MJF wanted to join the Inner Circle.

MJF called it the Inner Circle Jerk. He said that Jericho loves a little bit of the bubbly, but he thinks that Jericho drinks a little too much to assume that MJF needs him.

Jericho said that MJF wants to be like Chris Jericho (three-letter names and they like scarves). It is almost like his parents got a little horny watching Jericho beat up Juvi in the ’90s and nine months later he popped out.

They kept asking about MJF joining the Inner Circle and then both men said at the same time that Cody Rhodes is the biggest jackass in AEW.

Cody Rhodes came out, and while they tried to stop him because he is not cleared, Cody ran down and attacked them.

The Wardlow made his AEW debut and attacked Cody Rhodes and slammed down Cody. MJF told Wardlow to take out Cody and they used his tie to hang him from over the rope.

MJF and Wardlow are together.

PAC vs. Adam Page

This is the rubber match between Adam Page and PAC, who have beaten each other once. This match was balls-to-the-wall as the two guys went full speed.

It is surprising to see this match on AEW Dynamite, but it was a nice change since there was not a great match on this week’s show before this one.

Wow. These two put on a great match and then PAC kicked the crap out of Page, knocking him unconscious. PAC then hit the Red Arrow on Page’s back and then locked in the Brustalizer and Page was out.

PAC won the series.

This might have been better than their Full Gear match.

Winner: PAC (****)

Backstage, the Young Bucks were brawling with Proud and Powerful. They fought all the way to the ringside area. The two teams had an amazing brawl.

However, it was Proud and Powerful who came out on top. They bashed Matt in his leg with the loaded sock and then put him through a table the same way they did Ricky Morton last week.

Brandon Cutler came out to help and they attacked him too. Finally, Private Party came out and officials finally stopped the onslaught.

AEW Tag Championship: SCU vs. Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara

Jake Hagar came down with Chris Jericho.

If the matches on AEW Dynamite do not end when the show comes to a close, the show will finish up on the YouTube channel.

Jake Hager interfered. Christopher Daniels tried to even things up but Hager took him out.

Scorpio Sky looked great against Chris Jericho. They are going to push Sky to the moon. Scorpio Sky pinned Chris Jericho with a cradle, the first pinfall loss for Jericho!

Scorpio Sky is a Made Man after that!

Winners: SCU (*** 1/2)

AEW Dynamite airs on Wednesday nights at 8/c on TNT.

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