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AEW Dynamite recap, results, and grades: Jon Moxley makes his decision

AEW Dynamite recap, results, and grades: The Rhodes Brothers vs. The Lucha Bros
Jon Moxley has a decision to make on AEW Dynamite. Pic credit: AEW

Tonight, AEW will honor Memphis wrestling legends from the past. It all starts off with a guest commentator in Memphis Wrestling Hall of Fame member Dave Brown.

Adam Page and Kenny Omega vs. Private Party

Last week, Adam Page said that he wasn’t told this match was going to happen. This is despite Page wanting to step away from The Elite to reevaluate his career.

With that in mind, it was no surprise to know that an inadvertent move by Kenny Omega caused problems. It was an inventive mistake though, as Omega flipped Marq Queen over and he kicked Page.

However, it wasn’t enough to beat them as Omega and Page won with the One-Winged Angel. Plus, Page didn’t attack Omega after the match.

Winners: Adam Page and Kenny Omega (*** 1/2)

When the match ended, PAC was backstage and hurt Michael Nakazawa and said he will keep hurting people until he gets his rubber match.

Kenny Omega ran to the back to check on his friend and Adam Page went into the audience where fans gave him beers to drink — and he drank them, a lot of them.

AEW Women’s Championship: RIHO vs. Kris Statlander

Brandi Rhodes joins the announcers as a commentator: “She is not an alien. She is a woman … with face paint.”

The match went to commercial break and when it came back, the two were still toe-to-toe. Then, the Nightmare Collective showed up. They attacked RIHO and then Statlander came to her aid.

Then, Statlander took down Awesome Kong and Brandi Rhodes came down to the ring. While they argued, the guy from the Nightmare Collective, Luther, came out from under the ring and grabbed her arm so Kong could clothesline her.

They rolled in Statlander and told RIHO to pin Stadtlander, but she attacked Luther instead. The match continued.

Kong interfered anyway and helped RIHO win.

After the match, Awesome Kong attacked Statlander. RIHO came to help her but Mel attacked. This brought in Hikaru Shida to help them. Britt Baker refused to make a move to help anyone. Big Swole and Sonny Kiss also came in to help.

Winner: RIHO (***)

Christopher Daniels vs. Sammy Guevara

The story here is that Christopher Daniels is having a crisis of faith and wonders if has lost a step. His opponent here is a young superstar with a bright future.

Christopher Daniels was actually getting the advantage. However, Penta came out and distracted him just as Daniels wanted to do the Moonsault. Daniels chose not to do it, doubting himself.

As a result, Guevara kicked Daniels in the back of the head and won the match.

Winner: Sammy Guevara (**)

The Dark Order came out after the match ended. Uno has a mic and is talking to Christopher Daniels. He calls him one of the very best professional wrestlers in AEW and one of the best of his generation.

He talks about how great Christopher Daniels is and said he might not be what he is today if he had not met Daniels over 15 years ago. Uno said the Dark Order does not believe in him anymore and neither do the fans.

Uno said that he can help Daniels and can make him the man he once was. He offers Daniels a mask. He asked Daniels to be on with the Dark Order and leave SCU.

Daniels throws the mask in Uno’s face and the Dark Order then brat him down. SCU is out for the save along with the Young Bucks. SCU is protecting Daniels but the Bucks are getting revenge for the beat down.

Stu Grayson came in and believed four-on-one was good enough for him, but it took the Dark Order pulling him out to make him stop. Daniels then hit the Best Moonsault Ever on one of them to show he still has it.

Lucha Bros vs. Cody and Dustin Rhodes

Arn Anderson is with Cody and his “coach” for this match just like last week when he finally beat Darby Allin.

The match was a good one with Dustin Rhodes playing the partner in peril. Arn Anderson proved valuable again when Ray Fenix came up with a chair and Anderson knocked it out of his hands.

It was actually Dustin Rhodes that got the pin with the Last Reckoning in a surprising finish.

Winners: Cody and Dustin Rhodes (** 1/2)

After the match, Tony Schiavoni came down and wanted to know if Cody was going to accept MJF’s stipulations to fight each other.

Arn Anderon interrupted to talk. Double-A said that he doesn’t know who died and made MJF God. Arn said he would talk to Cody about the match this week and they will get back to him about whether they accept it or not.

The honoring of the Memphis legends did not happen on AEW Dynamite tonight. Instead, it happened before the show and AEW will show it on AEW Dark next Tuesday on YouTube.

After a break, MJF and Wardlow came out. MJF called Cody a coward and he said that he will give Cody to the count of 10 to be a man.

It’s DDP!

“Motormouth Jackoff Freidman and Wardblow” – Is Diamond Dallas Page coming back for One More Match?  MJF said this is enough. He said in his prime, DDP couldn’t lace his boots and with his arthritic hands, can’t hold his jock.

MJF calls out the Butcher, Blade, and Bunny. He tells DDP to kiss his ring and to get out of his company or they will send his straight to hospice and take one of his Diamond daughters and “Bang.”

DDP hit the Diamond Cutter on Butcher and Blade. Bunny came in. He tried to Diamond Cut MJF but he pushed him into Wardlow and then MJF kicked DDP in the nuts.

QT Marshall and Dustin Rhodes finally ran down to save DDP and the ring cleared.

Jurassic Express vs. Best Friends and Orange Cassidy

This is a six-man match.

Marko Stunt and Orange Cassidy are both in the same match (along with Chuck Taylor), so Jim Cornette is likely having an aneurysm.

The match was a ton of fun. Orange Cassidy actually pulled off some nice moves, including a reverse stunner. The fans loved Marko and booed anyone who hit him and they loved Orange and even booed Luchasaurus when he attacked him.

The end came when Jungle Boy wrapped up Chuck Taylor for the win.

Winners: Jurassic Express (***)

Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, and Sammy Guevara are out for Jon Moxley’s decision.

In an interesting moment, Jim Ross mentioned that Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley both wrestled in the Tokyo Dome over the weekend and this is the first time they have even slightly hinted at New Japan Pro Wrestling, making fans who want them to work together excited.

They called out Jon Moxley and asked him to make his decision.

Jon Moxley then said … Yes. This was shocking, but Moxley said that he was going to stand by Jericho, the best wrestler in the world.

Then, after a lot of celebrating, Mox said that he was just kidding, the Inner Circle was stupid, and all Jericho had that he wanted was the title belt.

He smashed a bottle over Jericho’s head, hit the Paradign Shift and then left through the crowd.

AEW Dynamite airs every Wednesday at 8/7c on TNT.

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