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AEW Dynamite: Did Tony Schiavone really work at Starbucks?

Tony Schiavoni
Did Tony Schiavone work at Starbucks? Pic credit: AEW

Tonight on AEW Dynamite, Dr. Britt Baker, DDS beat the debuting Priscilla Kelly. After a questionable ending, she did an interview with Tony Schiavone.

The interview took place inside the ring on a cruise ship during the Chris Jericho Rock and Wrestling Cruise.

The interview continued Baker’s turn into a heel in AEW. She had worked as a babyface since debuting but recently started to talk smack about champion RIHO, who Baker said doesn’t deserve to be the champion.

Britt Baker used the ropes to help pick up the win, Tony Schiavone came into the ring to interview her. When Schiavone mentioned it, she took the mic from him.

She then called him a huge star and asked him not to question her integrity. Baker then started to cut a promo about how AEW Dynamite is Schiavone’s meal ticket because before this he was just a “shi**y barista” at Starbucks.

Schiavone mouthed “what the f*ck” as she went on insulting him and telling the audience how beautiful she is. Jim Ross finally cut away to commercial as she spoke.

Did Tony Schiavone really work at Starbucks?

Yes, Tony Schiavone did work at Starbucks in recent years — although that was not his only job.

Schiavone said in 2016 that he was training to become a barista at Starbucks and said that it was their benefits package that convinced him to work there.

With the cost of health insurance, this makes a lot of sense and there is nothing to be ashamed of when looking for good benefits.

However, Schiavone also had another, more prestigious job working as the commentator for the University of Georgia sports teams as well as a local Georgia minor league baseball team.

In 2018, Schiavone spoke about his job at Starbucks.

“I mean look, Tony Schiavone never ever, never ever shied away from doing work,” he said. “I always rolled up my sleeves and worked harder than anybody and the fact that you’d see me at Starbucks working the window or mopping the floors or whatever, what the hell? Why not?”

However, with the sports commentating getting bigger and a new podcast he was working on, the job only lasted for 15 months.

“Tony went to work for Starbucks because he always wanted to give it a try and he had some time to do it,” Schiavone said.

AEW Dynamite airs on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on TNT.

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