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AEW Double or Nothing recap, results, match grades, and review

AEW Double or Nothing recap, results, match grades, and review
AEW Double or Nothing. Pic credit: AEW

AEW starts tonight with their Double or Nothing PPV. Here is a look at the AEW Double or Nothing recap, results, match grades, and review.

AEW Casino Battle Royale (The Buy-In)

This match is on the preshow and is free.

The winner of this match will be one of the two men fighting for the first AEW World Championship against the winner of the Chris Jericho vs. Kenny Omega match.

There weren’t any major special entrants outside of those announced, with Tommy Dreamer the only big name.

As expected, Hangman Adam Page was the final entrant. Page was supposed to fight PAC but their match was canceled. Rumor had it that Pac was supposed to win and then lose to Kenny Omega later, so it seems that the original plans might have been for the winner of Pac vs. Page to be for the world title opportunity.

Regardless, here are the competitors: Brandon Cutler, Glacier, Sonny Kiss, Ace Romero, Sunny Daze, Brian Pillman Jr., MJF, Joey Janela, Dustin Thomas, Billy Gunn, Jimmy Havoc, Michael Nakazawa, Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus, Isiah Kassidy, Ace Romero, Marq Quen, Shawn Spears (Tye Dillinger from WWE), Tommy Dreamer, Marko Stunt, Orange Cassidy (the 22nd man showed up super late)

The Final Five: Jimmy Havoc, Luchasauras, Adam Page, Jungle Boy, MJF

Jimmy Hacov eliminated Jungle Boy and there were four men left. MJF has been the heel the entire match so all three attacked him. MJF slid out but was not eliminated.

Adam Page and Jimmy Havoc double teamed Luchasauras since he is the bigger man. However, Havoc went for Page after they got Luchasauras down. Luchasaurans took out Jimmy havoc.

Luchasauras and Adam Page were in the ring with MJF still outside hiding. Page eliminated Luchasauras and everyone thought he won. MJF ran in from behind and tossed Page, but Adam Page skinned the cat, hit the big clothesline and then eliminated MJF.

Hangman Adam Page will be in the first AEW World Championship match at a later time.

Winner: Adam Page (***)

“The Best Ever” Sammy Guevara vs. “Superbad” Kip Sabian

This is the second free match before the AEW Double or Nothing PPV started. In a nice move, the referee for the first ever singles match in AEW history is a female.

Sammy Guevara is a AAA star and he is an arrogant, high flying jerk. Kip Sabian is also a high flyer and this will likely be a cruiserweight styled match.

The announcers remind viewers that wins and losses matter in All Elite Wrestling and winning matches actually matters when it comes to moving up the ladder.

This was a great match as expected. The end came when Guevera went for the 630 but landed back first over Sabian’s knees. Sabian then hit the Deep Hallows for the win.

Winner: Kip Sabian (*** 1/2)

It is now time for the very first AEW PPV, Double or Nothing to start.

Jim Ross officially makes his way out to the ring to be one of the ring announcers and he gets a long walk from the back with Boomer Sooner playing over the arena speakers!

A big black limo truck shows up with Cody Rhodes and Brandi Rhodes making their way into the arena. Up next, Kenny Omega is in the back and gives a thumb’s up. Then Matt Jackson meets Michael Nakazawa in the back in a funny confrontation. Matt then meets Nick and when someone asks for their credentials, they superkick him.

The PPV when starts off with the Being the Elite YouTube show opening.

The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Brandi Rhodes and Cody Rhodes then run out and greet the crowd who are chanting “Be The Elite.” Then the loud AEW chants start and the MGM Grand arena is FULL.

They then argue about who is going to welcome everyone. Finally, Kenny Omega gets the chance to welcome everyone to the first show of All Elite Wrestling. Matt Jackson says there are 20,000 people there and Cody mentions the arena only holds 13,000 people.

Matt said that this is professional wrestling so they round them up so Cody says they just set the MGM record with 20,000 people.

Cody: “This is a Revolution!”

The screen goes black and then comes back to start the show.

Coming out to sing The National Anthem is Hamilton star Chris Jackson, his wife, and daughter.

JIM ROSS is here on commentary with Alex Marvez and Excaliber.

SCU vs. Strong Hearts

Strong Hearts are a team from OWE Wrestling out of China and this is their chance to show America what they can do and will get a chance against three of the top veterans from Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling.

For those who don’t know — SCU is Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, and Scorpio Sky.

SCU is out first. Daniels is pimping it with his cane which is actually a mic stand (and he was called The Fallen Angel, for old-school fans). They get a monster pop, so this might be the perfect match to open the show.

Christopher Daniels: “The All Elite Era starts tonight!”

Strong Hearts is CIMA, T-Hawk, El Lindaman. CIMA is a true legend, originally training in Dragon Gate with Ultimo Dragon. Daniels met CIMA 20 years ago in Japan.

There is a new rule in AEW concerning tag team wrestling. There is a 10 count for tag team partners to leave the ring after a tag, which opens up more chances for double-team moves.

This match is supposed to be like nothing American wrestling fans have ever seen. The first part of the match was a basic SCU match with those three as smooth and crisp as ever.

However, once Strong Hearts took the advantage they were so fast that they got the fans excited too. This led to duel chants (Let’s go Strong Hearts/SCU).

The match was completely nuts and ended with Daniels and Kazarian hitting El-Lindaman with their Best-Meltz Ever (a piledriver with a moonsault from the top turnbuckle adding a spike to it).

Winners: SCU (****)

Smily Kylie Rae vs. The Native Beast Nyla Rose vs. Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.

This is the first-ever AEW women’s match — a triple threat match.

Kylie Rae is a version of Bayley (who was her idol). Nyla Rose is a monster — a very big strong wrestler. Britt Baker is a true indie star.

Brandi Rhodes then came out in her wrestling gear. She then said that she wants a match that is awesome and …

AWESOME KONG IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Smily Kylie Rae vs. The Native Beast Nyla Rose vs. Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. vs. Awesome Kong

This match was hard hitting and was a great women’s match. All four women looked great, with Awesome Kong as dominant as ever. Kylie Rae, despite her smiling gimmick also proved she is more than a gimmick.

Then, in a shocking finale, Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. won the match when she pinned Kylie Rae while both Awesome Kong and Nyla Rose were out of the action, outside the ring.

Winner: Britt Baker (***)

Best Friends vs. Angelico and Jack Evans

Best Friends is Chuck Taylor and Trent Baretta formerly from Ring of Honor.  They were supposed to be in the Casino Royale but signed for this match when their opponents signed with AEW.

Angelico and Jack Evans were AAA tag team champions for three years from 2013-16. Jack Evans has been around the U.S. indies for a long time but Angelico is an international star who is new to the U.S., wrestling previously in Australia, Spain, and Mexico.

While the SCU vs Strong Hearts match was great, this match had some amazing tag team double moves. So innovative.

There was a moment where Jim Ross seemed a little bothered that the guys were hit in the head so many times but kept kicking out.

Regardless, this wasn’t a spot fest and the two tag teams told a good story without too many unrealistic moves. Angelico hit the Buckle Bomb, Jack Evans hit the 630-splash but Chuck Taylor saved his partner. That started the AEW chant.

By the way, there are 30-minute time limits on AEW matches.

Chuckie and Baretta hit the Doomsday Device on Jack Evans and then they hit the Tag Team Cruncher for the win.

The two teams hugged it out at the end of the match but the lights went out while they were hugging.

The lights came on and two guys were in the ring. The lights went out again and when they came back on a bunch of masked minions were at ringside and they all attacked the two tag teams.

None of the announcers even know who these guys are.

It was the Super Smash Brothers (Stu Grayson) and Evil Uno.

After the cleared the ring, the masked men made a human throne for the two attackers and then the lights went out again.

Winners: The Best Friends (****)

Riho, Ryo Mizunami and Hikaru Shida vs. Aja Kong, Yuka Sakazaki and Emi Sakura

Riho is a dual-champion (Super Asia, Queen of Asia), which isn’t bad since she is just 21-years-old.

Yuka Sakazaki is the current Tokyo Princess Tag Team Champion.

Aja Kong is one of the greatest legendary wrestlers in history. She is who trained Awesome Kong, founded the Arsion All-Women’s Promotion. She is one of the only women to ever work the main event the Tokyo Dome and actually worked for WWE in 1995.

This is very different than the last women’s match, with these four women working a more Japanese-styled match.

Aja Kong is great. She just moves around slowly, laughs at anyone who thinks they can hurt her, and then just knocks the crap out of whoever she is in there with.

Riho was amazing, Aja Kong hit a piledriver and a back suplex and Riho kicked out both times.

Aja Kong hit Shida over the head with a metal trashcan and then the fans started chanting “We Will Rock You” doing the claps and stomps. It was a great crowd moment.

Aja Kong hit a brain buster on Shida. Sakura hit the moonsault but Shida kicked out. The bell rang but it was only a two count. The fans chanted “you f’d up” but then Shida hit the running knee to Sakura and pulled out the win for her team.

Winners: Riho, Ryo Mizunami and Hikaru Shida (***)

Cody Rhodes vs. Dustin Rhodes

This is one of the biggest matches of the night and Cody got pyro!

Cody has a throne at the top of the ramp and then Brandi hands him a sledgehammer (Triple H). Cody then walks to the top of the ramp while the fans chant his name and he destroys the throne with the sledgehammer — sending a message to WWE.

The fans loved that.

Goldust is in black and red and his face is half painted.

The Legend, Earl Hebner is the referee.

After Brandi speared Dustin, Jim Ross asked: “what kind of family is this!”  Earl Hebner then threw Brandi out, banning her from ringside. Brandi refused to leave so Diamond Dallas Page came out and carried out Brandi.

Dustin Rhodes is bleeding heavily — and by the way, AEW is not PG, it is TV-14.

This match was amazing. It seriously might be the best match of Cody’s career. Cody won after hitting two Cross Rhodes.

After the match, Cody said that Dustin can’t retire here and he said that he had a favor to ask. He said he has a match with a partner of his choosing to battle The Young Back at AEW Fight for the Fallen next month.

Cody: “I don’t need a partner or a friend, I need my older brother.”

He is crying and the two hug after the match. That was amazing.

Winner: Cody Rhodes (**** 1/2)

It is time to show the new AEW World Championship and BRET “THE HITMAN” HART IS THERE TO INTRODUCE IT.

Hart then calls out Adam Page as one of the men who will get a chance to win the title. Before Page can say anything, MJF comes out and starts talking smack to everyone.

He calls himself the youngest, fastest rising star in professional wrestling. MJF then mocks the moment of the fan attacking Bret Hart at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony.

MJF is easily being set up at AEW Double or Nothing as their top young heel — and he is doing a great job in that role.

The man that Adam Page eliminated to win the Casino Battle Royale to earn this title match came out. He then started talking smack about Adam Page because MJF is the future of AEW and not the horse in the ring.

MJF reminds him that a horse with a bum leg is worthless and you just take them out back and blow their brains out. Since Adam Page has an injured leg, MJF tells Page to give up his title shot since he has a bum leg (he hurt it wrestling Pac last week).

MJF then said he will be the best there is, the best there was, and the best there … then he stops and said that catchphrase sucks. MJF then just said he is better than Page, and he knows it.

MJF then called Page Seabiscuit and tried to leave but Jungle Boy showed up. MJF walked off without fighting and then the hardcore Jimmy Havoc came out.

Finally, they beat up MJF, drove him from the ring and then Bret Hart finally introduced the new world title.

AAA Tag Team Championship: Lucha Bros vs. Young Bucks

The Young Bucks came out in Elvis-inspired outfits. They are the defending champions (they beat Lucha Bros for the titles in Mexico).

This match will be incredible and fast paced. The Young Bucks are super high flying and athletic while the Lucha Bros are also athletic but also violent.

The story told in this match was that the Young Bucks have not wrestled in almost two months and they were sloppy and kept having miscues and crashing into each other while the Lucha Bros were crisp and on target.

Honestly, the Young Bucks turned in one of their better performances and didn’t rely on just flipping and flopping around the ring. Plus, Lucha Bros have such amazing double team moves.

The Young Bucks ended up winning when they pinned Fenix with the Meltzer Driver.

Winners: The Young Bucks (****)

Kenny Omega vs. Chris Jericho

It is funny — Chris Jericho came out with all his different entrances. It started with his arms extended like the old days and the lights went out. After that was the List of Jericho and the lights went out. Then, the glowing jacket was next and then the lights went out.

Then, his new Fozzy song “Judas” started with Jericho standing there, finally coming to the ring in a spiked jacket, black hat and black tights.

There was a Cracker Barrel barrel in the ring (SPONSOR!!!!!).

Kenny Omega gets pyro!!!!

This match was amazing. There was one point where Kenny Omega broke his nose and it threw him off somewhat, but he is so good that it really barely affected his performance outside of just causing him to slow down a bit.

This match was different than their NJPW match two years ago. The two guys just beat the hell out of each other and had the crowd in their hands.

Jericho then pulled out his new finishing move — the Judas Effect elbow and he used it to beat Kenny Omega.

Now, Chris Jericho will fight Adam Page for the AEW Championship at an upcoming event.

The fans started booing him so Chris Jericho took a mic and called them “ungrateful jerks” and then said, “lighten up marks.” He said he got the crap knocked out of him but is smart enough to know it is his time.

“Chris Jericho is AEW. This is not a company for the fans, this is a company for me.”

He then took credit for all AEW’s success. He then demanded a thank you from everyone.

Then  Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose) showed up and walked to the ring from the crowd and hit Jericho with Dirty Deeds, hit the referee with the DDT (fans chanted Moxley) and then Moxley waved at Kenny Omega, helped him up and tried to hit him with Dirty Deeds but Omega fought back.

Moxley and Omega then battled into the crowd as fans chanted “AEW.” They fought to the giant dice at the entrance and Moxley took the advantage.

He took Omega up onto the dice and then hit Dirty Deeds onto Omega on top and then tossed Omega off the dice and through a table on the floor to stand tall.

The fans chanted “Moxley” as AEW Double or Nothing ended.

Winner: Chris Jericho (****)

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