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AEW creates new rule for tag team matches

AEW creates new rule for tag team matches
AEW has introduced a new tag team rule. Pic credit: AEW

During the AEW Double or Nothing PPV, the first event in company history, the actual PPV opened with a six-man tag team match.

The match saw former Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor tag team champions Christopher Daniels and Kazarian teaming with their So-Cal Uncensored partner Scorpio Sky to battle the Chinese six-man unit of Strong Hearts.

Jim Ross mentioned that there was a new rule that AEW created for tag team matches to make them more exciting and they then explained the new rule.

Normally, when a wrestler tags out they have a five count to get out of the ring or risk disqualification.

In AEW, that is now a 10-count.

This means that when a person tags in, the duo has 10 seconds to hit as many double-team moves as they can. For fans who love tag team wrestling for the innovative double-team moves, this is a great thing.

The best tag team match to introduce this new rule in was So-Cal Uncensored vs. the six men from OWE in China. These six men are masters of double-team moves and exciting high spots.

The end came when SCU won the match when Kaz set up for a piledriver and Daniels hit the moonsault from the top turnbuckle for the win.

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