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AEW announces Blood & Guts War Games match at an upcoming Dynamite

AEW announces Blood & Guts War Games match at an upcoming Dynamite
AEW Blood & Guts is their answer to War Games. Pic credit: All Elite Wrestling/YouTube

AEW just made a huge announcement at its AEW Revolution PPV and they were smart about it.

On March 25, 2020, there will be the All Elite Wrestling Blood & Guts match — and it looks like their name for a War Games match.

Here is the kicker — they never used the words “War Games.”

What is War Games in AEW?

War Games is an invention of the NWA, which was used in the NWA and later in WCW.

It is basically two rings, surrounded by a steel cage, with a roof over both of them. The way they used to work was that two teams of five people each would enter the ring at intervals until all 1o men were in the ring.

The only way to win was by making your opponent submit.

Why did AEW not call it War Games in the promo?

WWE uses War Games and they have the rights to it thanks to their purchase of WCW and recent trademarking of the title.

However, the WWE version of War Games is different.

There are two rings surrounded by cages. The competitors enter at intervals, with the winner not decided until all 10 men are in the ring. However, there is no roof and it does not have to be by submission.

With that said, it is War Games in WWE, so it can’t have that name in AEW.

So, what did AEW say?

They said everything you needed to know in order to see what they were doing. Two cages. The roof. “You know the rest.”

What is AEW Blood & Guts?

AEW Blood & Guts is an event that takes place on AEW Dynamite on March 25. This episode of AEW Dynamite will take place at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

What is great is that Vince McMahon said he is not concerned about competition with AEW. McMahon said that WWE is no longer involved with that “blood and guts” stuff.

Yes, AEW will have their own War Games match and since they can’t use the name because of WWE, they will use words that Vince McMahon said to give the match a new name.

More information about the War Games-style AEW Blood & Guts match will come over the next few weeks. It could include The Inner Circle, which is the best bet, but who will take the side of the babyfaces of AEW?

AEW Dynamite airs on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on TNT.

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