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Will there be an XFL video game? 2K talks, cover rumors heat up

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Rumors of an XFL video game, possibly for 2k, are once again heating up. Pic credit: XFL/YouTube

The XFL season is off to a great start. Ratings are up, the action is much better than it was back in 2001, and already several cities want to know how they can get a team if and when the XFL expands this summer.

Now the question we all knew would come up – will there be an XFL video game?

XFL video game coming?

Rumors of an XFL video game hitting the market started well before the league began the 2020 campaign.

When the XFL took to social media to ask fans what they thought a video game for the XFL would need to pique gamers’ interest, the response was overwhelming.

It only makes sense. Sports fans who love video games would welcome an XFL game with open arms.

While the Madden series of NFL games are always a hit, and Doug Flutie’s Max Football brought a different variety of teams and leagues, an XFL video game would seemingly fit right in.

No word has been officially made on if the XFL will be entering the video game market, but rumors began swirling again following a mockup XFL cover released by the popular @videogames IG page.

They say you have to strike while the iron is hot, so if a game was to be created it could be relatively soon. Rumors already suggest that 2K is in talks as the “frontrunner” to make the game. 2K is the company behind the popular NBA 2K and WWE 2K sports game franchises.

According to a Sports Gamer Online report last month, 2K would not comment on the rumors when contacted, though.

XFL cover athlete possibilities

If an XFL game hits the market in 2021 or 2022, who would be an early choice as the cover athlete?

Since we are only two games into the inaugural season of the XFL 2.0 reboot, opinions on a cover athlete vary considerably.

Right off the top, you have to look at two players who are more than deserving of the honor – quarterbacks PJ Walker and Cardale Jones.

Jones has done a great job in his first two starts for the DC Defenders.

In two games, Jones has thrown for 511 yards and four touchdowns while Houston’s Walker has thrown for 442 yards and seven touchdowns.

Other players that would get early consideration for an XFL cover could be wideouts Nelson Spruce (Los Angeles) and Rashad Ross of the DC Defenders.

While rumors are out there, and with the XFL planting the seed months before the season began by asking questions of what fans would love to see in an XFL video game, the earliest a game could probably hit the market would be in 2022.

However, the way Vince McMahon operates, one could be in the works already. You just never know.

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