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Watch Carli Lloyd kicking a field goal from the 55-yard line: Should she get an NFL tryout?

carli lloyd in an nfl team kicking contest
Team USA star Carli Lloyd has shown impressive kicking abilities on the soccer and NFL fields. Pic credit: HBO Hard Knocks YouTube

Is Carli Lloyd on her way to becoming the first female NFL star? That’s the question on many people’s minds after seeing her deliver an impressive field goal kick.

She’s already well known as a member of the successful United States Women’s National soccer team. It’s a tough sport which definitely requires many attributes including stamina and leg strength. While fans see plenty of header and close-up goals, goals are also scored with a powerful kick many yards from the goalkeeper.

However, a recent stop by the football field during an NFL practice session showed just how powerful Carli Lloyd’s leg really is.

Watch as Carli Lloyd nails the 55-yard field goal try

The Philadelphia Eagles are currently preparing for the 2019-20 NFL season and playing preseason games this month. However, Team USA soccer star Carli Lloyd decided to visit with the team due to their opponents. Lloyd’s visit didn’t just include hanging out and talking about the upcoming NFL season, but it also featured her getting on the field to show her skills.

On Tuesday evening, Lloyd posted a Twitter video of her attempting and connecting on a field goal from the 55-yard line.

That make was met with a number of cheers from the spectators on the field. It’s unlikely that it was also met with discussions for a potential contract, as the Eagles currently have kickers on their roster.

Jake Elliott was part of Philadelphia’s Super Bowl-winning team several seasons ago and remains their top guy on the roster. He holds the NFL record for the longest field goal by a rookie with a 61-yard make and had five 50-plus yard field goals in a season.

That said, his playoff career-long is just 51 yards, four yards shy of what Lloyd showed in practice. In addition, Lloyd’s fellow Team USA star Julie Ertz is married to Eagles tight end Zack Ertz. So maybe there’s an inside connection there if Elliott gets hurt?

Will Carli Lloyd join the NFL someday?

It’s not the first time that Carli Lloyd has shown off her kicking skills. The United States Women’s soccer star also participated in a 2015 kicking contest with Vince Wilfork of the Houston Texans. That fun segment was featured as part of the popular HBO series Hard Knocks (see video here).

Lloyd also joined Good Morning Football on the NFL Network to discuss her recent viral field goal with the crew. As for how the opportunity came about, Lloyd said she had a free day and she knows the Baltimore Ravens’ kicking coach.

That’s the Eagles’ upcoming opponent in the NFL preseason on Thursday night and the reason kicker Justin Tuck was there. Lloyd also mentioned with her viral kick, “I could do it all day long, it was a lot of fun.”

However, could Carli Lloyd get an NFL tryout in the future? So far, the league has yet to allow female players to participate. While there’s no arguing Lloyd’s kicking abilities, there is always the argument that even NFL kickers get tackled or hit hard. The potential for serious injury is there. So it also seems unlikely that there will be a female kicker or player just yet in the NFL unless rules change.

Lloyd mentioned a kicking job with the NFL “sure would pay a little more than soccer,” and then talked about how “close the [kicking] techniques are.” She also brought up some of the criticism she’s received such as there were no big, tall men defending the kick.

Weeks ago, Lloyd mentioned her love of the Philadelphia Eagles with a “Fly Eagles Fly” rally cry during the FIFA Women’s World Cup parade speech. That drew a mixture of cheers and boos from those in attendance during the New York event. So the New York Giants may not be calling anytime soon either.

For now, Carli Lloyd will continue with her sport of choice, soccer. The US Women’s National Team Victory Tour will include appearances in Philadelphia on Aug. 29 and St. Paul, MN on Sept. 3 to give fans a view of the team’s talents.

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