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Ryan Newman Daytona 500 crash update: He is awake and speaking!

Ryan Newman
Ryan Newman is shown giving an interview before the 2020 Daytona 500. Pic credit: NESN

A great Ryan Newman Daytona 500 crash update has been provided, and it shares a lot of good news after that scary ordeal.

In a report for the Today show on Wednesday morning, reporter Sam Brock shared some very positive information.

It shined a positive light on one of the worst wrecks NASCAR has experienced in a while.

Ryan Newman is talking

According to Brock, Newman “is reportedly awake and even talking to family members.”

This is great news, especially with how badly the wreck appeared to be on Monday evening when the Daytona 500 came to a close. Many NASCAR fans feared that Newman had died in the wreck.

The latest news also confirms that he is in serious condition at the hospital, but he does not have life-threatening injuries.

This doesn’t quite provide all the information that fans, fellow racers, and spectators want to know about Newman, but it is spectacularly good news that he is conscious and speaking.

Anyone who saw the wreck knows the fear that everyone was feeling at the end of the race.

Ryan Newman Daytona 500 crash

On the final lap of the 2020 Daytona 500, Ryan Newman held the lead and had a real chance to win the race. As he tried to block the path of another racer, he was clipped on the rear bumper and sent into the wall.

After coming off the wall, Newman’s car flipped and was hit on the driver’s side by another driver in the race. The car continued to slide down the track (upside down), the mangled wreck on fire.

As the paramedics and track workers got to the car, it seemed like they were moving in slow motion, and there was no indication whether Newman had even survived the wreck.

The emergency workers set up black dividers so they could transport him from his car to an ambulance without anyone being able to see.

After an excruciatingly long amount of time (at least it seemed that way), an update came through that Newman had not died in the wreck. That was the first piece of really great news.

The world of NASCAR is typically a fun and exciting place for fans to enjoy racing. The commercial from Michael Rooker that aired last year is a good example, especially since he co-starred in Days of Thunder as a racer.

Crashes like what happened at the 2020 Daytona 500 serve as a stark reminder of the dangers on the track, though, and why safety measures like ones that Newman has worked to have implemented to NASCAR vehicles are necessary.

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