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Pro paintball player Tim Montressor has died

Tim Montressor, paintball professional player
Pro paintball player Tim Montressor has passed away. Pic credit: one4onetv/YouTube

Tim Montressor, an influential professional paintball player and founder of the Iron City Classic (ICC) annual paintball event, passed away on Monday (June 22). He was 36 years old.

Montressor’s death was announced yesterday in a post to the PBNation messaging forum:

“Paintball lost a great man this morning with the passing of Tim Montressor. Tim has been a fixture within paintball for close to 20 years now and his influence transcended many parts of the sport and game we share in common. Tim’s passion for paintball and overwhelming positivity was infectious and inspired those around him to not only do what they love but to do it better and to the best of their ability.”

Tim Montressor cause of death

Montressor’s cause of death was not officially confirmed, but some commenters on the PBNation forum and Twitter claimed he died from COVID-19. However, these claims remain unsubstantiated.

News of Montressor’s death came unexpectedly after he shared his last messages with his social media followers on Facebook and Instagram on June 19.

Who was Tim Montressor?

Montressor, born in February 1984, was the founder of the annual 10-Man Iron City Classic (ICC) paintball event played outside Pittsburgh.

Montressor talked about his passion for paintball on the ICC website:

“I have been playing paintball for as long as I can remember. I have been the little kid standing on the sidelines of the 10 man field watching the pros in awe, and I’ve also been the seasoned player hoisting the championship trophies.”

According to his LinkedIn page, Montressor attended Michigan State University (2002-2003) where he studied Business Administration. He also attended the University of Phoenix (2007-2008) where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Seton Hill University (2010-2011) where he obtained a Master of Business Administration degree.

He was a retail division manager at Smart Parts Inc. (2005-2010) and later an Edmonton Impact member and team leader (2011-2014).

He worked in Brand Development for GOG Paintball USA from 2012 until his death.

He was an influential figure in the paintball community and was passionate about the game.

He played professionally for top paintball teams, including the Detroit Thunder and the Philadelphia Americans.

After Philadelphia Americans was disbanded, he played with Aftershock, Edmonton Impact, Dynapact, Houston Heat, and Tampa Bay Damage.

He traveled around the world playing professional paintball in the NXL Europe events and other tournaments around the world.

He worked with DLX Technologies on developing the technical side of the sport.

Tim Montressor’s death: Tributes pour in on social media

Members of the paintball sporting community, including players and fans, have been posting condolence messages on the PBNation forum. Many expressed grief and sorrow over the news, noting that the sport has lost a great player, leader, and organizer.

“Rest in peace, Tim. You embodied everything great about this sport. You will be missed.”

“Very sad news. Rip #40. ICC should be renamed after him now.”

“Awful news, what a loss for the community. Tim was an amazing human being and the definition of a true role model.”

People have also been posting tributes and condolence messages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Tim Montressor obituary
Pic credit: @time2paintball/Instagram


Tim Montressor tribute on Facebook
Pic credit: Nikki Hannah/Facebook
Tim Montressor tribute on Twitter
Pic credit: @HobbesXSV/Twitter

What is paintball?

Paintball is a shooting sport in which competing teams attempt to eliminate each other by shooting paintballs (dye-filled gelatin balls) from air devices called paintball markers or paintball guns. The paintball guns, powered by compressed nitrogen and carbon dioxide, were originally designed for marking cattle and trees.

The game was developed in the early 1980s by pioneers, such as Hayes Noel and Charles Gaines.

The game is played for recreation as well as professionally. Tournaments involving professional players and teams are organized around the world.

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