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NHL All-Star Halftime Show 2020: Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong curses during national TV performance

green day lead singer billie joe armstrong curses during nhl all star halftime performance
Green Day performed as the NHL All-Star Halftime Show 2020 band. Pic credit: Mayhew/Landmark Media

During the NHL All-Star Halftime show, band Green Day performed a number of their popular songs for the hockey fans in attendance and the many others watching on television or online streams.

The group is known for a number of big hits including When I Come Around, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, and American Idiot. However, their All-Star Game live performance featured Billie Joe Armstrong dropping an F-bomb as part of the nationally televised show.

Green Day performs for NHL All-Star Halftime Show 2020

The annual NHL All-Star Game was being held in St. Louis, home of the league’s Blues. Punk rock-pop music band Green Day was there to provide the halftime show and their performance quickly went viral.

That wasn’t necessarily due to the popularity of the group’s music but instead because of Billie Joe Armstrong swearing on national television.

In a video clip shared on Twitter, Armstrong is heard shouting to the fans to “Get your f**king hands up in the air!” That brought cheers and applause from the spectators at the Blues’ home arena, but probably drew the ire of those producing the event on NBC and on television networks in Canada.

That was just one of several lines from the singer which featured swearing. In another instance, Armstrong yells, “Let’s go f**king crazy!”

Twitter reacts to Green Day’s halftime performance

The group’s halftime show cursing is unlikely to rival another famous halftime incident. The Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction continues to stay stop the list for that. Still, plenty of people on Twitter were reacting to Green Day’s swearing during NHL All-Star halftime.

Most of the comments made reference to the group causing all kinds of commotion with their cursing during the performance.

The annual All-Star Game featured players representing each of the four divisions competing for a prize of $1 million. With the format, there were two semifinals games between the Eastern and Western Conference divisions.

The winning division teams, the Atlantic and Pacific, would face off in the finals. Ultimately, the Pacific won the matchup 5-4.

Green Day’s medley of songs came during the second intermission of the All-Star Game on Saturday night.

In addition to their NHL Halftime performance, the punk rock band also gave a free show outside of the Enterprise Center before the big game in St. Louis, Missouri. Other musical acts associated with the annual game entertainment included O.A.R. and Awolnation.

The 2020 NHL All-Star Game was televised live on NBC on Saturday, January 25.

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