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What team will Tom Brady play for in 2020? Oddsmakers reveal NFL destinations, along with other Patriots prop bets

Tom Brady
Odds on where Tom Brady will play in 2020 have been revealed. Pic credit: CBS Sports/YouTube

The Tom Brady 2020 madness is underway! While Brady hasn’t tipped his hand on where he would like to play next season, Las Vegas oddsmakers are having a field day with the possibilities.

Brady to Browns?

For the last two decades, Tom Brady has arguably been the most polarizing figure in all of sports. Now that he is a free agent, which teams if any will make the six-time Super Bowl champion QB an offer?

Is he headed to the West Coast? Back to New England? How about the Cleveland Browns? Yes, the Browns! Cleveland is the top destination for Brady, according to one sportsbook. has the Cleveland Browns listed as Brady’s top destination in 2020. Do they know something no one else does? Cleveland already has Baker Mayfield, so bringing in a guy over 40 to take over doesn’t make much sense.

Or could it be that the Browns links to Josh McDaniels may have some stability to them and that is why Brady is favored to head to Cleveland?

McDaniels takes over as head coach in Cleveland and Brady becomes the new QB? Sounds nice, but it is hard to imagine that Brady would leave New England for Cleveland.

Rounding out the top five behind the Browns are the Carolina Panthers, Las Vegas Raiders, Los Angeles Chargers and Dallas Cowboys.

I am no expert in free agency but those all seem very unrealistic. The sixth team on the list – the Indianapolis Colts – doesn’t.

Colts perfect fit?

They are a team in a bit of flux following Andrew Luck’s retirement. However, Tom Brady could take over the reins in Indy right away. The talent is there to challenge the Texans and Titans for the AFC South crown.

Adding Brady and a few other pieces could help put the Colts back on top in the AFC South.

Indianapolis finished 7-9 in 2019, which is pretty impressive considering that Andrew Luck announced his retirement right before the 2019 season began.

Some of the other prop bets include “Will Tom Brady Be On The Patriots Roster In Week 1 Of The 2020 NFL Season, and Will Tom Brady Retire Before The 2020 NFL Season?”

Also, “Will the Patriots make the postseason without Tom Brady in 2020?”

To see the full list of Tom Brady prop bet odds, you can head to

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